Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Weekend Gone!

Thank goodness for short weeks. Dean & I will be off Thursday & Friday so we'll have a nice long weekend to get all of my Christmas decorating done.

Saturday, we went to our neighbors to watch the LSU/Ole Miss game. I made a taco cheesecake for the first time. It was really good. I forgot to take a picture of it when I finished making it but here's part of it.
I guess everyone liked it. Yes I left it in the pan because this was my first attempt at cooking in a spring form pan & I was scared to open it for fear of the cheesecake falling into a million pieces.

The game was boring. LSU won 52-3. It was a real snooze fest. Friday we play Arkansas. That should be a good game but hopefully not too good.

Yesterday, I went & played with Logan for awhile. His mom & dad went to Mass & grocery shopping so that means Logan was in charge. He's not stupid & knows who the sucker is in our family.
I thought this was hilarious the way he had his leg crossed. He's eating a fudgesicle in his playroom. I told him he needed to sit at the table to eat it. His response while walking away from the table was "I not do it". Um ok, I guess.  It was before lunch but he'd already had half of a peanut butter sandwich so I figured this was dessert.  After this he went to the fridge & pulled out sausage. Well, I might be a sucker but this sucker wasn't going to feed him sausage after he'd had peanut butter & a fudgesicle. I'd already cleaned up after the dog threw up, I didn't need the kid throwing up too. Oh & when he pulled the sausage out? That knocked the mayo out of the fridge which landed just perfectly on the bottom shelf in the door of the fridge, which in turn knocked the entire shelf & it's contents to the floor. Thankfully, nothing broke. Logan looked at me like "what did you do that for?". Then he stepped over the bottle of wine that was laying in the floor & grabbed the milk & chocolate syrup & handed it to me.
I had just asked if he wanted to take a nap. I was tired.
He wanted to play with my phone & I told him he had to smile for a picture first. I took the pic & he took my phone & somehow managed to post something on someone's Facebook page. HA!  We had a good time.

Sunday afternoon was Book Club. Joni hosted this time. In keeping with our reputation as "The worse book club ever" we basically had a Scentsy party. Joni just recently started selling it & I needed some new scents so out came the box & everyone ended up smelling & buying. I think Wendy's the only person that truly wants it to be a book club. The rest of us are fine with just hanging out & eating. Speaking of food. Vicki brought this AHHMAZING dip!! It has cheeses & all sorts of stuff & then a thin layer of raspberry something that looks like jelly over the top of it. She bought it at a local AG store in town. So, so, so good!

After we stuffed ourselves like it was our last meal we had to do a Starbucks run. After all it was the last day of buy one get one free with the holiday drinks. 4 of us went so it worked out perfectly. We all decided that the Caramel Brulee Latte is better than the Gingerbread Mocha. Well, I guess we didn't all decide because Allison & I have never had the gingerbread but anyway.

After Starbuck's I went by my cousins to bring birthday gifts. We visited for a bit & Brooke opened her gifts & then I finally made it home. I was & still am really tired!!! Like I said, thank goodness for short weeks.



  1. Cute pics!! :)

    Don't worry...I'm the sucker in our family too. And even with my own child, I'm afraid! :)

  2. I just found out my sister and brother in law are coming in from Little Rock for Thanksgiving. He's a big Arkansas fan, so it's gonna get ugly at my house this weekend! The poor guy doesn't stand a chance against my three loud, obnoxious LSU diehards. Care to share the cheesecake recipe? It looks yummy!

  3. I'm still laughing.... Thanks again for watching little man.

  4. Y'all always eat so well!!! And taco cheesecake sounds kinda weird. Is it a dessert??

  5. Taco Cheesecake??? are you serious? I need that recipe...yum!

  6. Ummmm...that sounds interesting! Taco Cheesecake! You need to share that recipe!

  7. Sounds yummy! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Awww, Logan is so cute. He is growing so fast. I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving, Traci...Christine

  9. Well, my, my, my - haven't you just become a regular Starbucks junkie with the rest of us?? :)))

    Hey - what about that Iron Bowl? RTR!