Monday, November 7, 2011


Saturday was an exciting day. Aside from the 5K it was what a lot of people were calling the "Best Game Ever". LSU vs. Alabama, #1 vs. #2. We went to our neighbors for a party. Dean made crab cakes & I bought a king cake with a football instead of a baby & cake squares & petit fors. Aren't they cute?
I love the little paw prints! I don't think we had enough food.
There were stuffed mushrooms, dips, turkey, pork loin, broccoli rice casserole, crab cakes, gumbo & 2 types of salad. Everything was really good!! The dessert table.
Then there was the game. WOW! It was a really great game. I think it definitely lived up to the hype. No scoring the first half, then it was tied 6-6 & went to overtime where LSU managed another field goal & won 9-6. I don't think anyone thought it was going to be that low scoring with no touchdowns scored. Cliff is always prepared & once the game was over he pulled out the champagne.
And we toasted.
So LSU stays #1 & all is right with the world!



  1. Brandon drove me NUTS during the game! He was a nervous wreck and he has to jump around and yell at the tv. I almost killed him because he kept waking Cohen up! But it was so nice LSU won and I don't have to see a single "rtr" right now...except for those annoying fans that keep posting stuff like "I'll always be a bama fan" and "we got cheated! not an interception!" haha!

  2. See, my good luck wishes TOTALLY paid off!!

    Yummy food!

  3. My husband was watching the game and I was checking the was a great game!

  4. We had a low country boil and drug the big tv outside. Of course the wrong team won... ;))
    That kicker!! pfftt!

  5. My heart can't take a rematch!

  6. That's looks so good.