Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

I'm up .6. I swear these 2 lbs. that I keep bouncing back & forth between are going to be the death of me. I'm going to attempt to eat well this weekend. I'm still blaming that stupid turtle cake. UGH!

This week's workout schedule is pretty messed up just because of stuff going on. I ran 3.2 miles Monday morning. I couldn't leave work early Monday so no Yoglates until yesterday but Dean & I did go walking Monday evening. We walked 2.7 miles. This morning I ran another 3.2. I can't go to Yoglates today or tomorrow. I'm hoping to get an early class in Friday morning since I'm off. It will depend on the teacher. I know that's awful but there are a couple of teachers that I'm just not crazy about. I've tried their classes & didn't care for them. If I can't go to a class I may run again. My plan is to run a 2 mile fun run at my Church Saturday. I haven't ran 2 days in a row so I'm not sure about that plan. I was thinking it may be fine since Saturday is a shorter run. We'll see.

I have an oatmeal update. You may (or may not) remember that I had a bit of an oatmeal fiasco a couple of weeks ago. I bought the Great Value brand & it exploded all over the microwave & tasted funny. I've continued to eat it after experimenting with the cook time & there have been no more explosions. I've figured something else out. It's not the oatmeal that has a funny taste, it's the cinnamon I've been putting on it. Apparently, if you put the cinnamon on BEFORE you cook the oatmeal it gives it a cinnamon flavor without the weird taste. Who knew? Well, maybe everyone but me but I know now & I'm enjoying my oatmeal.



  1. I would never have guessed that about cinnamon...And thanks for the tip. I'm totally going to start sprinkling some cinnamon on my oatmeal!

  2. KEEP AT IT! More than likely, you are at the weight you should be. So, it's getting harder. AND fat is probably turning into muscle. At this point, I would just start paying attention to how your clothes feel and your measurements. So proud of ya… wish I would have kept up my determination.

  3. I am told you should always eat (expensive) steel cut oatmeal, for best taste results. But I still just want cheese GRITS!!!

  4. I microwave oatmeal every morning for my mother when she is here and I have that explosion sometimes. I also add cinnamon cause it supposedly lower Triglycerides....Christine

  5. i didn't know that about cinnamon! good to remember :)