Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Thursday

I'm very excited to say that I screwed up. I actually lost 2 lbs. this week not 1. My scale stores the last weight you were & I weighed this morning (had lost a tad) & that's when I saw that yesterdays weight was a pound less. YAY! I guess I need to start writing it down so I don't screw up the post.

I had a few people ask about cooking an egg in the microwave. My friend Allison is the one that told me how to do this. I just take a regular bowl, like a cereal bowl & crack the egg in that & add hot sauce & seasoning & then beat it all together with a fork. Make sure you spray Pam or something in the bowl. Otherwise, you're going to have a big mess & half your egg will end up stuck to the bowl. Trust me when I tell you this. Then just put it in the microwave (I cover it with the little plate cover thingy for microwave use & cook it for a minute. I know all microwaves are different so you may need to cook a little longer or a little less. The egg taste like a scrambled egg but it kind of molds itself to the bowl so it's like a little egg patty & is perfect if you want to make a sandwich with it.  I had one this morning on an english muffin. I should've taken a picture but I didn't think about it.

Yoglates was TOUGH yesterday. Wednesday = a new routine. This week is very arm intense. Lots of push ups & we have to use those stupid balls. Well, we don't have too but I did. The ball weighs 6 lbs. so it's definitely making it harder. Today is my last class for the week. Tomorrow will be my day off & I'll run Saturday morning.

Is anyone watching Two and a Half Men? We loved it when Charlie Sheen was on. I know he's a horrible person, blah blah blah BUT it was funny. Now, not so much. At least we don't think so. I've never been much of an Ashton Kutcher fan. Not sure why but something about him bugs me & that hasn't changed with him on the show.



  1. Yay! A doiuble congrats then for losing 2 lbs., Traci...Christine

  2. I was 2lb today too! Thank sweet 8lb baby Jesus! I am gonna try your egg trick :)