Friday, June 11, 2010

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

It's been awhile since I've done this but I just couldn't resist. I bought shoes!!!! Not just one pair....not two....yep THREE pair! I figured out earlier in the week that I could really use a pair of flip flops for yard work. You know, something that I could hose off. There was a Shoe Station coupon in the paper. Never, ever buy shoes at Shoe Station without a coupon. They're ALWAYS in the paper. So, I got these.

I'm proud to say this is my FIRST pair of Crocs. Yep, it's true. I've resisted the Croc trend. I just couldn't ever see myself wearing plastic shoes. However, they seem pretty comfy & they can be hosed off. There were some cute colors but I just stuck with black so they'll go with everything. I'm kinda funny about stuff matching. I also "need" a pair of black casual flip flops. I have a cute pair that I really like but they're old & I've worn the sole slick to the point of almost killing myself. OK, so I wasn't really close to killing myself but I was close to breaking something & it scared the neighbors dog. When I saw these Yellow Box I swooned!

This isn't a good picture. They're black with silver sparklies! LOVE THEM! They look really cute on with all that shimmer. My pink toe polish really shows up good with them.  I wore them tonight, that's how I know. So, I thought my shoe shopping was done. I was on my way to pay & then I spotted these. Albeit on a ladies feet but it was like they were calling my name. They were sooooo cute!!! I looked & the only pair I saw were the ones on the ladies feet. I started to panic! It brought back memories of that time when my friends & I were in Maison Blanche shopping for our weekly "going out outfit" back in the day & I saw a shirt I wanted. Only problem, a lady was carrying it around. I made Ian (my friend, who at the time was dating my other friend, who are now married) follow her around in case she decided against it & set it down. It paid off, she set it down, Ian picked it up & I bought it. I still remember exactly what it looked like. I bet Ian does too. I'll have to ask him. Back to the shoes. I started to panic but then I spotted them on the shelf. How fabulous are these???

I think they're DIVINE!!! Dean? Not so much. He walked in & saw the bag on the table & said "Uh oh, I see 2 boxes". Then he remembered that Crocs don't come in boxes! When I told him how hard I tried to pass these up, he laughed. His response when he saw them?? "You couldn't pass THOSE up??"  Seriously??? I LOVE THEM!!! They're Volatile so they're comfy too.

I didn't buy anything else. I looked for a dress to wear to my friend Katie's wedding in July but I didn't find anything. I tried on some but nothing was oh so great.

I'm so glad the weekend is here!!!



  1. I am so jealous of those Volatiles! I tried those same ones on last year in Little Rock when I was at my sister's, but they didn't have the right size. I've kept an eye out for them here but haven't seen many Volatiles of any style. Bummer.