Friday, June 4, 2010

The Goofball Factor

Chick fil A is GREATNESS!!! I love the regular chicken sandwich with it's 2 little pickles, fresh bun & little bag that keeps everything warm. I love the coleslaw. I love the styrofoam cup. There really isn't anything not to love about it. I keep thinking if they'd get their ice from Sonic it would be just about the most perfect little place in the world. Of course when I got an email saying that they were coming out with a SPICY chicken sandwich I pretty much swooned! I never even thought of it but why not? If McDonalds can have spicy chicken why can't the greatest chicken place in the world?? I'm wondering what took them so long. The email allowed me to sign up to receive a free sandwich. I'm ALL over that! Obviously, the powers that be at Chick fil A learned a little something from the stupidity of Oprah. I mean really, what made Oprah think she could just tell everyone to go get free chicken & that wouldn't cause a problem?? I digress. So, the powers that be had you sign up for a particular day & time to get your sandwich. Genius, I say! I signed up for today between 11-2. I had actually completely forgotten about it until Kidd & Kellie were talking about it on Kidd Kraddick the other day. Have no fear, Chick fil A also sent a reminder email. Soooo, what happens today??? It's raining! Not just a little bit, a WHOLE LOT! Like, it hasn't stopped since 6:30 this morning. Do you think rain was going to stop me from getting my chicken??? NOPE! I might have called Dean to see if he was in the area & would go get it for me. He's off today. He might have not answered & sent me a text saying that he was in the movie. Off I went. OHHH, it was soooo worth it! It was divine!! Not just a little spicy either. Nose running spicy!! If you live in the south you know that's a good thing!

Today is the first day of the 2010 NCAA Baseball Regionals. You might remember here when I talked about how LSU wouldn't make it to Omaha. Now, I'm not so sure. This team just continues to surprise me. They play their first regional game tonight in Los Angeles against UC Irvine. With all the rain that we've had today & earlier in the week, I'm really glad they're not playing at home. It would've been a weekend of sitting in the rain & delays. HOWEVER, I will be a little careful what I wish for from now on. I LOVE L.A.  Granted I've only been once (when LSU played at Long Beach) but there was nothing that I didn't like. Kinda like Chick fil A. I loved that they sold wine at the ballgames. I didn't care about the traffic. For those of you that have heard that it isn't as bad as traffic in Baton Rouge, that's a lie! Rush hour is later but there are about a million more lanes on the interstate it's like driving to Livingston Parish everyday. Anyway, that's where the tigers are & I'm bummed that I'm not there. I always said that LSU wouldn't go back to California without me. I was whining to Dean earlier that we weren't there & his response was "you don't even want to go to the game, you just want to see stars". Well, there's that BUT, people the weather is like 75 degrees there!! It doesn't get that cool here at night!! I'd love to watch a game in that weather.

When I was coming back from lunch I was listening to a local sports talk show on the  radio. One of our TV sportscasters was calling in from L.A. He was talking about how different the stadium is from ours. It only holds like 3000 people, there's not much of a press box to speak of (thank goodness the games are on TV. I don't know if I could listen to Jim (LSU's radio announcer extraordinaire) complain about it all weekend) & there's a FARMERS MARKETS over the outfield fence!!! WTH??? That's just a little odd.

Speaking of odd, people all over the country think Louisiana people are stupid & that we ride around in pirogues & have alligators running across the road (more on that in a minute). Well, people here think Californians are weird. Here lies the "goofball factor". Our sports guy said that he hopes the team doesn't get "caught up in the goofball factor" & take things for granted & forget the real reason they're there, to play ball. I hope so too. Just to be clear, I LOVE CALIFORNIA & the people that we met were great.  I don't think I'll get any argument that Louisiana & California are two entirely different worlds. Both great in their own way but different.

So back to the alligator. Dean's parents live in Bayou Pigeon, LA. There's a levee on one side of the road & a bayou behind their house. The first time Dean brought me to "Pigeon" a 4 ft. long alligator was crossing the road in front of us! No lie. The first thing that came to mind was "OMG, it does really happen".




  1. Wait a minute, how are you going to watch the game on TV? You have DirecTV like us... I've looked all over the internet -- we don't get it. WTH? Nose running spicy chicken sandwich from Chick fil A -- I've gotta side up for my free sandwich. LOVE LOVE LOVE Chick fil A!!!!!

  2. Our fabu neighbors have Cox & we're going over there!

  3. Chik fil a fan too. My daughter worked their a while and we're still fans. I wonder if ours have the spicy sandwich too. I would love that.

  4. I do NOT think that about LA folks...I've met some lovely ones...but I do have to say...GO GATORS!

  5. Hilarious! ok, I too agree Chick-fil-A needs Sonic ice. The ice at Chick is just too dang big so that leaves not much soda. And if this is not soooo Traci. Signing up for a time to go get her free sandwich. Genius I say! And in case you missed it, which you probably did and I would have had it not been for hubby having to listen to Jim at the end of the game - he said they were in the first inning, when in all reality, they were in the 10th.