Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Weekend Comes to a Close

Another weekend has come & gone. Just about anyway. Today has been a pretty lazy day for us. We got up early & went to 7:00 Mass. Afterwards, we did our grocery shopping for the week & went to Lowe's. I caught up on some stuff I had on the DVR (Bethenny's Getting Married). It was the first episode & I think I'm going to like it a lot. Bethenny is from Real Housewives of NY. She's always been my favorite. We've also watched a lot of the college baseball Super Regionals today too. I also went to visit my friend Veronica this afternoon. One of her twins, Abigail, is our Godchild.

Yesterday, Lydia brought Logan & her nephew Jordan over to swim. My mom came too.  Logan was ready to go when they got here.

I swear he laughed & smiled ALL DAY except when I had the camera in his face!!! He loves the water. Here he is with Jordan (his Godfather).

Yes, he's about to take a big bite! This is a recurring theme at our house! For whatever reason, every baby/toddler that has been swimming chews/eats the noodles. They all have little pieces bit out of them. 

Logan was hungry & the Cheez It's weren't cutting it. Lunch was a baby tv dinner. I can't believe he's not eating baby food anymore. Time flies.

He LOVES it!!! The adults all had Canes & Logan had his fair share of fries & toast too.
I think his expression is so funny!

I hope the next two weeks go by fast. Lydia & I are leaving for San Diego on the 26th & I'm so ready! It'll be great to get away from this heat for a few days!!



  1. I thought Bethenny's show was cute!

  2. Those are some funny pictures of Logan eating.

  3. Sounds like you had a busy but refreshign day. Logan is so cute! Enjoy your trip to San Diego...Christine