Friday, June 25, 2010

I HATE Packing!

I was able to pack everything last night except for the things I'll use in the morning to get ready. It went fairly easy & was basically painless. I'm even 10 lbs. below the 50 lb. weight limit.  I didn't feel like I forgot anything & I even did a CVS run this morning before work to pick up a few things I needed. I felt good about it all. American Airlines sent me an email this morning & I was able to go ahead & check in. All I have to do tomorrow is check my 40 lb. bag & I'm good to go. Or so I thought!! While I was on the website I discovered that the 62" maximum baggage size could actually be a problem. I saw something about this last night but my suitcase is only 30" tall. No problemo! Not so fast my friend! When AA says 62" they want you adding together the measurements of the length, width & height. That could be a problem. See, after our cruise we decided that we didn't have the most conducive to cruising luggage that's available so we bought this. It's big. "A 150 lb. person could fit in there" says Dean. This is the first time it will be used. I was very excited about it because of the super duper spinner wheels. They make it incredibly easy to handle! Dean thinks it's smaller than 62" but "it's going to be close". What's that they say about close?? Only in horseshoes....That brings me to my carry on. Since I was able to put so much stuff in the big suitcase, I packed a small carry on. I'm having second thoughts about that. What if I buy stuff. OK, who am I kidding? When I buy stuff, what if it exceeds the 50 lb. weight limit?? I don't want to pay them even more to check the bag. I could use that money for a pair of shoes or something. Dean wants to know what I plan on buying that weighs 10 lbs. I have no idea but I need to be prepared. Not to mention, my hair dryer, flat iron, hair spray & volumizer has to go in the big suitcase thanks to the Habeebs & 911. Besides, what if the luggage check person has their foot on the scale or something? Better to be prepared. So when I get home I'll be repacking the carry on & measuring the big suitcase.
Tonight Dean & I are going to dinner with what we affectionately call "The 3900 Krewe". All of our addresses start with 39. Anyway, Me, Dean, Sheri, Cliff, Jackie, Dennis, Suzy & Matt are all going to Flemings. It's been awhile since we've been. I'm looking forward to it.

At this time tomorrow I'll be in sunny San Diego, California!! I'll try to blog while I'm gone.



  1. Have a nice vacation, Traci! Wew just got back from a cruise to Mexico today. I always bring an extra luggage b/c I love to shop....Christine

  2. Enjoy some mac and cheese for me! Have a blast!