Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

I'm officially 36 & don't have a puppy. My "Representative" Amelia-Ann wasn't successful in convincing Dean to get me one. She's not happy. Wednesday night for day 2 of my birthday celebration we had dinner at Mike Andersons. All you can eat fried shrimp. They were sooooo good!

My actual birthday was Thursday, day 3 of my birthday celebration was a good day. The guys I work with took me to lunch at the Chimes. Another place I really love. Dean was surprising me with dinner. All he told me was that it was somewhere we'd never been before. It was Gino's! I was really excited because this is a restaurant I've always wanted to try & for whatever reason we never did. I had the lasagna & it's some of the best I've ever had. I know I talk alot about food & going out to eat but I love to eat & love to eat out!

Our neighborhood had Trick or Treating Friday night because of the LSU game tonight. Halloween is a really big deal here. All of our neighbors get together & cook & drink & just hang out while the kids trick or treat. Unfortunately, it rained this year. We still had a great time & the kids didn't let it ruin their fun. We had a full house. My parents were here, along with Dean's mom, Scott, Lydia, Logan, Dean's brother Ted & his wife Beth with their kids Drew & Camille & our friends Paul & Niki with their little girl Charli & of course there were neighbors in & out frequently throughout the night. Dean cooked some great food & I even participated & made cole slaw. This stuff is fabulous!! I had it at a party & everyone was going crazy over it so I got the recipe & tried it.

Scott & Lydia, my wonderful brother & sis-in-law brought me this

Here is Dean's mom, Mrs. Joyce with Logan

This is Charli. She was the cutest little kitten I've ever seen!

Our niece Camille was Indiana Jones. Don't ask.

This was the best costume I saw last night. Our neighbor Brian was a kangaroo & his baby Jamie was his Joey!!!

Charli was a little posing machine!

This was the only time all night that Logan was aggravated. I don't think the pine straw was very comfortable!

It's really hard to get everyone to look at the camera! Logan has a thing for hair. I think he must be jealous because he doesn't have any!!

Logan & his Nonk ready for nite nite

After everyone left we moved next door to hang out for awhile. We laughed & really enjoyed ourselves as usual.

Happy Halloween!

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