Monday, May 9, 2016

Wedding Season

This weekend was a busy one. Friday I got my hair done.

I decided to get my hair cut off. I was getting tired of having it long. It doesn't look like that much hair here. 

Here's the after.

We were at wedding #2 for the day on Saturday. Two weddings in one day that start 30 mins apart & are 30 minutes apart isn't an easy feat so we made one wedding & one reception.

You know it's a good reception where there's champagne.

There were mint juleps too & they were delicious!

The groom!

We've known Bill since he started college & now he's all grown up with a real job & everything!

Dean & the bride

We threw silver streamers when they left. 

We walked across the street to watch the Kentucky Derby & we had dinner down the street at Restaurant IPO. It was really good. 

Sunday my neighbors brought me flowers for Mother's Day. Those two are super sweet. 

Our parents, Scott, Lydia & Logan came over for lunch yesterday before Dean & his parents went to the LSU game. Logan got in the pool for a bit & said it was "a little bit cold". It was more than a little bit cold. We had the most awesome weather last week. No humidity & it was in the 50's in the mornings. Awesome but not conducive to warming up pool water. 

I'm hoping the water is warm enough for me to float around Sunday. Yes, I'm planning a week ahead. We have another wedding Saturday night & I plan to do nothing Sunday. 



  1. Love your haircut! Im planning one soon as well - this hair is starting to drive me nuts! Love the flowers...that's so sweet of your neighbors!