Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Wedding Day

The 3900 Krewe had the first "kid" get married. We've been waiting since Thanksgiving Day for this! Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day. It wasn't too hot or too humid. Perfect for an outdoor wedding at 6:00.

The venue was very pretty. Everything that the bride wanted. 

The Brides grandfather made all of her signs from driftwood. 

Where you entered the reception.

The Father of the Bride did his own rendition of Bennie and the Jets & it was perfect!

See those slats in the deck that's the dance floor? Not a good idea. Heels get caught in the slats & people are stuck & have to have other people get down on the ground to get you out. I may speak from experience.

Me, Cindy &Suzy

Always a sign of a good wedding when people are barefoot or put on flip flops. It's also a sign that you keep getting stuck in the dance floor.

Me, the Bride, Jordan & Devin. Loved Alexandra's going away outfit.

Tori was a rock star. Jessie's Girl will never be the same!

Me, Devin, Thomas - now known as Fun Bobby, Erin & Claire

Alexandra's dress was beautiful & so her!

Mother of the bride, the bride & Dean

Two of our favorites. It's so hard to believe they're so grown up. They live next door & we moved in within a week of each other. AA was 6 & Alexandra was 12. 

I'm not sure what we're supposed to do now. It's been all about the wedding for 6 months! I guess we move on to vacation!



  1. Beautiful wedding!
    Love the brides dress.

  2. Her DRESS! OMG I'm in love!! What a beautiful wedding! Too funny about the slats in the dance floor...so glad you found other shoes as an option!

    1. I know! I loved it. Normally, I wouldn't have had a pair of shoes in the car but for whatever reason I wore the flips flops & said I'd put my good shoes on when we got there. So thankful for that!

  3. Love everything! Gorgeous bride and the details and decorations are awesome. And you look spectacular...the dress and the color are so, so pretty!