Friday, November 21, 2014


So, so excited for the weekend! We don't have a lot of plans but I'm just ready to be off.

I'm headed to the doctor in a little while. I finally broke down & made an appointment. I don't feel awful but I'm not right either & I'm tired of it. Hopefully, there's a quick fix.

Tonight we're going to dinner with some friends for a late birthday celebration for Dean. His birthday was Monday.

Tomorrow morning Scott & Lydia are running a 10 mile race about 10 minutes from our house so I'm going to meet them & get Logan & bring him to breakfast while they run. He'll have his choice of donuts or beignets. I'm really hoping for beignets! Or maybe I should hope for donuts since I'm not crazy about them & it won't be hard for me to not eat one??? Trying to eat right since the holidays are coming up.

Last night we went to Louisiana Lagniappe for Dean's birthday meal. This place is soooo good & if you're on their birthday list you get a free meal. Not a chintzy, cheap free meal either. Whatever you entree you want. Dean had a $50 steak last night. The only catch they have is you can only use your birthday meal Monday through Thursday & either 14 days before your birthday or 14 days after. I had the Fresh Fish en Papillote or "the fish in the paper" as Dean likes to call it. Really, really good.

Saturday night was Homecoming for several of our friends daughters.

Me & Amelia-Ann. I still can't believe she's 16. When we moved in she was 6.

Amelia-Ann & Maddie - Love these two!

Have y'all tried this?

So good!! I was in Winn Dixie the other night buying a turkey & the fixings for corn pudding that Dean was bringing to work & I ran across it. It was in the refrigerated section. It's delicious!

Yesterday morning was a latte kind of morning. I was going to get the Caramel Brulee until I saw the calorie count on the Chestnut Praline was 100 calories less! I've had the Chestnut Praline already & liked it so I had another one. I've seen a lot of people on Facebook aren't a fan. Have y'all tried it?

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Hope you get some relief at the doc and feel better! I don't do coffee or lattes or anything like that. I'm so sophisticated, I like apple cider and hot chocolate. ;)