Monday, November 24, 2014

A Breakfast Date

Saturday morning Scott & Lydia were running a 10 mi. race that was close to my house so I picked Logan up for a breakfast date. My friend Allie came with us. By the end of breakfast Logan wanted Allie to be his sister. Since when do 5 year olds want 20 year olds for sisters?

We went to Coffee Call for beignets. They were delicious as usual!

We got back in time for Logan to cheer for his daddy as he crossed the finish line. A couple of LSU football players were handing out water at the finish line, Christian Lacouture & Quinton Thomas. While we were watching for Lydia to finish Logan asked them a million questions & they were very nice. He even asked if they "had a son". Ha!
After the 10 mi. race there was a 1 mi. run. There was some confusion at Logan's house Sat. morning which led to this striking running outfit. Just to be clear, he did not wear those shorts to breakfast.

Speaking of shorts - our weather is out of control. 25 last week, Saturday was in the 60's with gale force wind & Sunday almost 80. Tomorrow morning it will be 20 degress cooler than this morning.

Logan was pumped to run!

Crossing the finish line. 

They didn't do official time for the 1 mile but Logan ran it in less than 10 minutes. 

After the race I headed home. When I went to the Doctor Friday I got a shot & an antibiotic.
 I still wasn't feeling great so I took a nap & then we went to Mass & ran a couple of errands. 

Yesterday I was feeling much better. Thank goodness! I got some things done at home.
 I got my closet all straightened out . I moved a lot of my summer clothes to another closet & I even did some ironing. 

This morning I got back into my exercise routine.  My friend Cindy is running the Princess Half at Disney in February & yesterday she signed up for the Glass Slipper Challenge. She'll run a 10K Sat. & the Half the next day. She's scared & I'm happy because she MUST train so I'll have a running buddy! 

We did 4 miles walking & running. I didn't start my watch until I met up with Cindy so it's not showing the full 4 miles. My next Half is in 8 weeks so no more playing around. 



  1. How fun! I can't believe how big Logan has grown!....Christine

  2. Logan is so his outfit!!! Glad you are feeling better too! I need to straighten my closet, I keep putting it off. Happy Thanksgiving!!!