Monday, November 10, 2014

Bama Hate Week

That was the hash tag being used all week if anyone tweeted anything about the LSU/Bama game Saturday. In case you hadn't heard, it was a big deal. It's ALWAYS a big deal.

The plan for Saturday was for Dean to cook a deer sauce piquante.

It ended up being a gorgeous day & everyone decided they wanted to go tailgate for a little bit. Everyone went out there around noon except for me & Jackie. We didn't want to be out there that long so Jackie's parents dropped us off at 2:00. Traffic was insane. We live approximately 4 miles from the football stadium.  Jackie dropped her daughters & friends off & it took her an hour & fifteen minutes. Under normal circumstances it a 10 minute trip. We didn't' even attempt to get dropped off close. We walked about a mile to get where our group was.

Me & Allie

Jordan & Allie, Hillary, me, Anna, Jackie & Alexis

After a little bit Dean & I walked over to see some other friends that we haven't seen in forever.

Me & Renee'

Me, Stan & Renee' - Stan & Renee' are married & I worked with Stan at The Advocate for years.

Me, Sheri, Alexandra & Jackie
There were sooooo many people on campus. The stadium holds 102,000, the game was sold out & they were estimating that 160,000 would be on campus during the day. LOTS of people just tailgate & if they don't have a ticket they either watch at a tailgate party or leave right before the game starts. We all left about 5:30 to go to our house to watch the game. It was a fun night until overtime. Oh well.

This morning Sheri, Kitzia & I went for a walk. It was 41 degrees! I did a good job dressing because I wasn't cold.

How was y'alls weekend?


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  1. I have Bama hate week every week. ;) I'm so sad LSU didn't win it because they certainly had it within reach! But it was a good game. We were talking all day Saturday about how badly we want to come to a home game and just be there on campus. The school Brandon will be graduating from (JSU) plays at LSU in 2016 on Landry's 3rd bday. He keeps saying that will be her bday party. haha.