Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Friday after work I went to my parents. We went to Starbuck's & I tried out the new Chestnut Praline Latte. I liked it! I went with my brother to pick Logan up at school & then brought him home with me. Me, him & Dean went out for pizza then home to watch a movie & read his new books from the book fair.

Saturday morning we woke up to this.

I was not thrilled. We had a day of outside activities planned. After dealing with sinus issues all week I woke up to a not normal voice. My throat didn't really hurt but I sounded funny.

The first stop of the day was at the St. Joseph's Academy Sticker Stampede. Logan was running in the 1 mile fun run.

He ran the entire mile & finished in 10:06.

Afterwards me, Scott & my friend Suzy ran the 5K. Lydia was running a Half Marathon on Sunday so she sat this one out.

I don't know how he ran in shorts!

I had company the last quarter mile of the race!

Logan's in front of me & our Godchild Lane is next to me. Those are my gloves I'm holding.
 At one point I started to warm up & I couldn't stand to have them on. 

Lane  & Logan with the Sticker mascot. 

Guess what? Logan came in 3rd place in the 14 & under age group!

He was so excited! This is Logan & the 1st place winner along with St. Joseph's Principal.

Scott won 1st in his age group. 

That's him in the gray with the other winners. As soon as that race was over he bundled up. 

My friend Suzy came in 2nd in her age group.

 That's her in the teal jacket. It was a good day for all of my running peeps. 
I finished in a respectable 30:11. The race was actually 3 mi. instead of 3.1. 

Lane & Logan made St. Joseph's website. 

Once the race was over we went home & the boys played with Suzy's dog & jumped on her trampoline & I got dressed. Then Dean & I brought the boys to our church fair. 

They rode & rode!

They ate more pizza!

The boys seemed to have a great time. 

I think we wore him out!

After Logan went home Dean & I had dinner at Caliente & then went back to the fair becasue the Chee Weez were playing. My friend Allison came too. We had a great spot where we could watch the debacle that was the LSU game & listen to the band at the same time. It was a lot of fun. Cold but fun. 

Sunday, however, was not fun. When I woke up I had no voice. Sometimes nothing would come out, sometimes squeaks. I stayed in bed the entire day. I'm feeling ok now, not 100% &  my voice still isn't back to normal but I'm better. Needless to say there's been no exercise this week. Hopefully by the weekend I can get back on track. 



  1. What a fun weekend! I love that you are so close to Logan. :) Sorry you got sick!! Maybe this weekend you can get lots of rest!

  2. How fun! These pictures are so cute. Now I really want some pizza. :) Hope you feel better soon!!!