Friday, July 25, 2014


Ready or not Rocketchix is tomorrow! I registered May 1st & July seemed soooo far away, yet here we are.  Hard to believe how fast it went.

Tuesday afternoon I went for my last swim. I was faster but there was nobody in the pool so I attribute my time to that. The race requires you to self seed for the swim. I'm going with 6:30 because that's what I did the other day when the pool was full & Cindy timed me.

After doing a long bike ride & run Sunday I decided to just do one run this week. I ran Wednesday.
It was a good run. I wasn't as slow as I normally am when I'm by myself before work. I've also been noticing that my heart rate is much lower than when I first started running. Average of 154 beats per minute this run. My max rate is about 190 & when I first started I was always very close to that. This means my heart is pumping more efficiently & it's getting stronger. I've been googling & reading, can you tell??

My 2 mi. runs after biking have been between 19:10 and 20:27. I'd like to stay in the 19 minute range. It's hard to run after biking but it's also very mental. I see that from looking back at my times & heart rate. My heart rate never got over 170 beats per minute so I can definitely push myself to go faster. I must remind myself, the faster I go the faster I finish!!

After work Wednesday I was going to go for my last bike ride. We had some sprinkling & really threatening skies so I skipped it. I'm not concerned about that because there a couple of weeks that I just did long bike rides on the weekends & none during the week. I'm hoping to do the ride in less than 45 minutes. My 12 mi. training rides have been anywhere from 44 minutes to 49 minutes depending on head winds & tail winds & all that business. The training rides have always been on the levee so there are hills which we won't have Saturday. We'll see.

I also have no idea how long transitions will take me. I've gotten a lot of tips from Cindy. Hopefully, I won't waste too much time. My biggest concern is finding my bike when I get out of the pool. I have lots of directional issues. Trying to find a black bike in the middle of 200 bikes could prove to be problematic. My plan is to pay really close attention to where it's racked before the race starts.

I had issues finding a tri top. I ordered several & most of them were too short. I can't handle a short shirt for working out. This is what I ended up with.

You can't tell in the pic but the shorts have blue stitching that matches the top. These outfits are not attractive. They're supposed to be really tight. Something about aerodynamics & all that commotion. Anyway, they're really tight so they show every imperfection you have. Basically, you're walking around in clothes that are too small for you.

I gathered up all my gear last night in hopes of not forgetting anything.

The only thing not pictured are shoes & a small bottle of water to clean my feet before putting on my socks & shoes for the bike ride.

Have I mentioned I'm nervous?? I am. Have I mentioned I don't like swimming? I don't. The plan for today is to pick up my packet after work, go eat Italian for dinner - you know carb load - and then get cake balls for dessert. This has been my routine for both of my half marathons so I figure I'll stick with what works.



  1. Good luck! I know you'll do great!

  2. Good luck!! I'm sure you will be great!! Enjoy!!

  3. You have accomplished so much since I have been following your blog. You go girl!! Now, lets have a good food post :)