Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I did it! It was hot, it was tough & it was fun! I'll do it again. Yeh, I know I said I wouldn't. Never say never right??? More on that later.

I was very happy with my overall time. Although, it came about differently than I expected.

Let's start with Friday night. Dean & I, along with Allie & her parents had dinner at Monjuni's. Good Italian carb loading. I don't really know if the carb loading does anything for me but it's a great excuse to eat pasta & bread. I've done it before both Half's & I didn't see any reason to break tradition. Also, in keeping with tradition there were cake balls!

The one on the left was banana pudding. OMG soooo good!!! On the right we have wedding cake (my all time fave), carrot cake & Italian cream cake. All were delicious. I didn't eat them all Friday. I spread them out over the weekend. After dinner Cindy came over to make sure we had everything that we would need Saturday.

The alarm went off at 5:00 am & I was wondering why the alarm was going off on Saturday, then it hit me. CRAP! Yeh that was my first thought. I got dressed, had my breakfast, aired up my tires & loaded the bike. Well, Dean loaded the bike. Then it was off to Allie's house (2 doors down) for her to braid my hair & load up her bike. We left a little before 6:00. Everything was held at LSU so it was only about a 10 minute drive.

All marked &  ready to go. They write your bib number on both arms & your age on the back of your leg. There were over 300 ladies participating & the #1 complaint was having your age on your leg. Cindy made us swim 6 laps to warm up. I thought she was crazy but it really helped. We got a feel for the pool & it settled some nerves. Not all but some.

A bunch of bikes! This was the transition area. Tons of bikes everywhere! I had no idea what to expect.

The first swimmer was in the pool at 7:15. We were self seeded for the swim so I was close to the end of the line which meant I didn't get in the water until 8:30. It was a long wait but everyone was talking & it made me feel better to hear that a couple of ladies planned on doing the backstroke for the entire swim. Nobody but volunteers were allowed in the pool area because there wasn't room but there were windows for everyone to watch through.
That's me swimming. Cindy volunteered & I could hear her cheering for me. That's me going to the transition area. At that point I was feeling good. I had a good for me swim & was so glad it was over since that's what I was dreading the most. I swam the 200 yards in 5:37. That's a minute faster than when Cindy timed me last weekend.

My cheering section was waiting outside of the pool.

Those brick things are the reason my heels are KILLING me! Next up was the bike ride. There was a head wind the first 6 miles which was tough but that meant the last 6 miles would be easy. I had my watch on so I could keep track of my time. I knew I was close to a PR on the bike.

This was at the end of the bike ride. You have to "dismount" & push your bike back to transition. Time for the run. This I can do. It was really hot & humid. I'd eaten a GU around mile 7 on the bike because I hadn't eaten since 5:30. I think that was a mistake. Too sweet, too hot & too humid. I ran & I felt like I was going to throw up. I never feel like that during a run. I kept trying to push myself. Normally when I feel like walking I tell myself that if I walk it'll take longer to finish. Then came the cramp in my side. I had to walk. I was so mad at myself & I'm still mad but I didn't want to throw up. Other people did. I ran some more & I walked again. I did run more than I walked so there's that. The last 3/10 of a mile was so tough. I ran & ran & didn't think I was ever going to get to the finish line. I could see it though! I really didn't think my legs could go anymore. Then I saw all of my peeps - Allie's mom, grandma, Dean, Lydia, my friend Allison & Logan. When I ran by Logan joined me & helped me get to the finish line. He told me "run fast Tante". I ran as fast as I could because I just wanted water! 

After I sat, had water, a plain bagel, an orange slice & some powerade I felt better. Still ridiculously hot but better. My run ended up being 22:14.

Logan waved his signs every time he saw me.
We were so happy that we finished!
Me & Allie with our "coach" Cindy.

She helped us soooo much.

When we crossed the finish line we got a coffee mug, a medal & a sticker. Y'all know I love a sticker!

After the race Logan came home with us to swim. After Mass Dean & I ate at Caliente & I had a celebratory Jose Special. YUMMO!

This weekend was a bust as for as eating healthy.  Sunday for lunch we went to LeRoy's. It's a little local place.

Fried Oyster sandwich with pickled onions, lettuce, tomatoes & blue cheese dressing. OMG. Soooooo delicious!!! If you like blue cheese that is. After we ran a few errands it was home to the sofa for me. I wasn't sore (aside from my feet) but I felt like every muscle in my body was tired. The heat is just ridiculous & it completely drains you.
Since I didn't run the entire 2 mi. I want to do it again. NOT in July. There's one in April so I'm thinking about it.



  1. Wow, I think you are amazing, Traci! I feel like a proud Momma, well, make that "Blog Momma!"