Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 4th Weekend

I have more from Colorado but I didn't do anything with the pictures on my good camera yet. It's no trouble to put them on the computer but it takes FOREVER to load them here. It'll happen eventually.

For the first time in a long time we didn't have any plans for the weekend. I was looking forward to it. I was tired. I was also in a funk last week & I didn't feel like doing anything but I made myself & I felt better.

Tuesday I ran.
Thursday I ran

On the 4th we went to the movie & saw Tammy with Melissa McCarthy. She's really funny. There were some raunchy parts but it was still funny! We stopped at the hospital. Dean's 21 yr old cousin was in a serious 4-wheeler accident. He's alive but looks to have a long road ahead of him. Prayers would be great!

I tried Starbucks new Blackberry Mojito Lemonade Tea. What a mouthful. It was really good.

Once we got home I had a nap & some pool time. That was the extent of our day. I signed up for Skinny Meg's Holiday Challenge. Burn 1500 calories over the course of Fri., Sat. & Sun. However you want as long as it's a workout & not just your regular day to day activities. You had to wear a heart monitor & post pics on IG. Sorry for my peeps on IG that had to see all that. I'm also participating in a 30 Day Challenge for July. I did an ab challenge in June & this one continues with the ab work & adds in legs. So Friday all I did was my July 5th workout for the challenge. It only takes about 15 mins. if that depending on how much you rest in between but I burned 80 calories. I'll take it. July 4th was actually a rest day for the challenge but I knew I was biking & running on the 5th so I thought it might be too much.

Saturday morning I rode 10 miles by myself & then met up with Cindy & her friend Renee to finish their ride.

Almost 14 miles! I never would've thought I could do that. Next up was what I was really nervous about. BRICKS!
That is biking lingo for running after riding when you're legs feel like bricks. I'm learning all the lingo!! I was nervous because I've never ran more than half a mile after riding. In the race I have to do 2 miles. I did it & I wasn't crazy slow & I ran UP THE LEVEE. For those of you that don't know, it's a big hill. I felt so good after doing it.

Then there was the cool down ride home.

746 calories burned for the workout! Not bad at all. When we finished Cindy & Renee invited me to do a tempo run Sunday morning. I wasn't sure I wanted to do that. I never run 2 days in a row & wasn't sure how my legs would feel. Cindy & her husband came over for dinner Saturday night & I decided to go ahead with it. I could make it as easy or hard as I wanted.

6:00 am came bright & early. We went to Renee's house to do the run. She doesn't live far from us & it's a really pretty area with a few little "hills". It was nice to have different scenery. She has a running coach so we did her workout. I never do tempo runs. Mainly because I usually run by myself & I just run. This was fun because it was different. We started with a 5 min. walk followed by dynamic stretches, a 15 min. easy run, then more stretches & a walk & then we started speed work. 1 minute as fast as you can go followed by 30 secs. rest & we worked our way up to 4 minutes & then back down to 1 minute.

It was also fun for me to be running with other people. I was able to keep up with no problem & although my legs were a little tired, they felt good.

I did some stretching, yoga & foam rolling along with my 30 day challenge & I ended up with 1532 calories for the holiday weekend. I'd like to win a prize but if I don't it's ok. The Holiday Challenge was a great motivator!

Dean walks several times a week when he gets home from work. My legs were tired & tight so I went with him yesterday. I thought it would be a good way to loosen them up a little.

We did a 5K.

The 30 Day Challenge has a lot of squats & they've made me sore. I wasn't sure how running would go today but I know I need to run on tired legs to get ready for the triathlon. Surprisingly, it wasn't awful.

It felt like I was working the soreness out & I felt good. I have an early meeting Thursday so I won't run again until Friday. I think my legs will be thankful for the rest. Although, there are plenty of squats that will happen those 2 days.

If anyone wants to join the 30 Day Challenge, let me know. I know we're 8 days in but it's not hard to catch up or just start where we are.



  1. I need to join the challenge! You are doing so great with all your workouts! I will be praying for Dean's cousin. So awful.

  2. Gosh, I am exhausted after reading all of this! You are doing great. I have been going back and looking at the Colorado pics....beautiful!! Prayers for Dean's cousin, so sorry about that.

  3. I get tired reading all about what you do, Traci, lol. Keep it up cause it really works for you, it shows! Thank you so much for your prayers for Rea....Christine