Thursday, March 14, 2013


I'm not really sure who is to blame, Uncle Si or Dean. For those of you that don't know Duck Dynasty comes on Wednesday at 9:00 & 9:30. That is also my bedtime. Yes, I'm a maw maw & don't get all judgey. I do get up at 4:45 in the morning. DD is set to always record on the DVR. I was all set to go to sleep at 9:00 & watch when I came home today. Dean went to LSU's game last night & stayed home. When he got home I was in bed reading. He proceeds to turn on Duck Dynasty because he didn't want to wait until today to watch. Normally, I can sleep through anything but I know the second I hear Uncle Si's voice I'll start laughing & I'll be awake so I don't even bother trying to go to sleep. If you have it recorded & haven't watched yet, I have one word for you - Godwin! You'll see what I mean when you watch. So funny! So at 10:00 I'm finally going to sleep. I was very close to staying in bed this morning but I didn't. Off to Yoglates I went. But I was tired. I should've fixed coffee when I got home but I was in the mood for chocolate milk. My morning went by fairly fast but I knew after lunch I was in trouble. Thankfully, a co-worker wanted coffee. I was very excited!
This is  a Caramel Macchiato non-fat. I'd never had one before. I never knew what the difference was between a latte, mocha, macchiato, etc. I did a little research & apparently, it's all about the order the ingredients are put in the cup. Seems weird to me but whatevs! I really really liked this.

Remember I got these last week?
I wore them for the first time last weekend & I NEVER WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF! OMG!!! They are so comfortable. Very cushiony (is that a word?). I wish they had the support I need so that I could run in them. If you're one of the lucky ones with neutral feet & not jacked up feet like me I highly recommend these for running.

I've mentioned just about every week how we eat at Caliente at some point during the weekend. Sometimes it's just us & sometimes it's the whole neighbor crew.  I got this text last night from my friend.
Maybe we go too much?? Jessica owns Caliente & she's ALWAYS there when we go. This led to multiple text messages among the crew which led to us planning a "get more details briefing" (Dean's idea) Saturday night at where else?? Caliente. I don't care what the details are, I'm not interested in purposely embarrassing myself. The rest of the crew seems to have no problem with this. Sigh.



  1. How I want new kicks...and I have one thing left to say...HEY!

  2. Oh Traci...I am so addicted to Duck Dynasty. One week Si is my fave then the next week, it's Jase. It is great to laugh outloud at good CLEAN fun on tv! Those two wives hunting was hilarious!

    My husband and I comment who of our friends or family each one reminds us of!

  3. Have I been under a rock? I have never heard of Duck Dynasty. It sounds like a cartoon!

    Flash mob? Hmmmm...sounds kind of fun yet embarrassing, too!


  4. When Godwin was afraid of the lizard I thought "What kind of a redneck is he?" But when he TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF and scrambled across the road on all fours to see if he looked like a panther......well, I understood why he is part of the DD group! LOLOL

    I also cracked up when Willie's wife spritzed herself with DOE URINE!

    Oh....and I am glad you are keeping the flashmob at Caliente a secret!

  5. Sounds like fun, Traci. The shoes are really cute. Who made them? I am looking for comfy shoes I can use o exercise and hike with when I go to Utah this summer...Christine

  6. Loving getting caught up on DD now that I am a new follower. I watched the episode where Jase goes to the HOA meeting last week and almost DIED. I wonder, do his neighbors really hate him or are they playing along? Either way - hilarious!!

    FLASH MOB?? What fun!! I almost did one here in town. :)