Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We went to LSU's baseball game Friday night. It was a bit chilly & I ended my night in the truck. HA!

Saturday morning Allison & I had mani & pedi appointments. We'd bought Groupons awhile back for a new place.
Wine was included! I'm usually a red drinker but for some reason white seems more like a middle of the day wine. On my toes I picked OPI's Koala Berry. I like it a lot. Bright & summery is what I was going for.
I did a Shellac color on my fingers. I think it was called Rose Bud. I like it a lot too. Yes, I know you're supposed to match fingers & toes but I live on the wild side! Besides, it hasn't gotten out of the 50's this week so me & my Yoglates neighbor are the only people even seeing my toes & I'm not seeing them much because I have socks on at home. This is so typical I swear.

The place we went to was nice. They do all sorts of things like eyelash extensions, massages, facials, etc. Once our nails were all done we decided to have lunch. On the way we stopped at one of my favorite little stores, Varsity Sports so I could get new running shoes. I had to order them because they didn't have my size. Stupid narrow feet. I picked up some energy bars & a pair of socks & when I was paying Allison was asking if I had to pay for the shoes & I told her no that you pay when they come in. The guy that works there said they do that just in case something happens "but nothing ever happens". And there we go. He just jinxed me. Let's reminisce about the last year - DSLR camera ordered online & stolen lost by USPS & just a few weeks ago I ordered my glasses & either UPS or USPS lost those. I don't have a very good track record.

For lunch we made our very first Chipotle visit. It was good but I was actually a little disappointed. We have Izzo's in Baton Rouge & it's soooo good. Chipotle was good but nothing special & they don't do nachos because they don't have queso. HUH?? WTH??? You're a Mexican restaurant & you don't have queso? Isn't that un American?? Well, I guess it would be un Mexican. Chipotle,  I think you're just a little fake Mexican joint.

I saw a really easy recipe on Facebook the other day so I decided to try it.
Use 2 bags of berries (12 oz. bags). I guess you can use whatever kind you'd like.
The recipe calls for a white cake mix but I actually had a yellow cake mix in the pantry & I just read something about expired cake mixes being a mold hazard & can kill you. I don't know if it's true. It was something I saw on FB too. I know I've mentioned before that all I need to know comes from FB, Twitter & TMZ.

All you do is spray a 9x12 or 9x13 (I don't remember but I doubt it makes a difference) pan with Pam or whatever you use, pour all the berries in the pan & then pour the dry cake mix over the fruit. I smoothed it out & made it look pretty & covered the berries. Then take a can of Sprite/7-Up or Diet Sprite/7-Up & pour it over the cake mix. I used Diet 7-Up. Don't stir or anything, just pour & then bake for like 45 mins. at 350.

This was the finished product. Not real pretty but I didn't care. It was for me & Dean. See the white powder looking stuff? That's cake mix that didn't dissolve. The recipe said to use a can of  7-Up but next time I'll put more than 12 oz. The final result? It wasn't bad. It wasn't my favorite but I think that's because of the fruit. There were some raspberries & cranberries thrown in & those aren't my favorite.  Dean says it's good. I would make it again but I think I would just use all blackberries or all peaches or all blueberries like a true cobbler. Also, if you eat the proper serving size this is really a low calorie dessert. It makes 16 servings.

Sunday our friends down the street had a crawfish boil. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I do like boiled crawfish but if I have it once a summer I'm good. It's just way too messy & I don't like to have to work for my food. We have invites to 2 more boils in the coming weeks so I'm holding out for one of those. Sunday I wasn't in the crawfish eating mood but I went to visit.
My absolute favorite part of a crawfish boil is the mushrooms. Soooo good!! They soak up the seasoning so good. I had a few for a snack.

Sunday after Mass I had another 4 mile run. I was actually a little faster than I've been. Yesterday, I got up & did weights & this morning I went to Yoglates.

All in all it was a delightfully relaxing weekend!

Anyone have any easy low calorie dessert recipes?



  1. oh my gosh I just pinned a cobbler like that! I'm glad you have those suggestions. peach cobbler is delish. good luch finding low cal desserts. if you find any send them my way.

  2. I've made that same recipe before but I use blackberry pie filling from a can.

  3. I've made that recipe before with strawberries and it was yummy! Great job on the run!

  4. How nice to have wine served while you get your mani/pedi! That and the massage chair would have me going every other day!

    I love the bowls at Chipotle but I'm not really a fast food girl. If I have to pay for it, I want it served to me!

    I went to a crawfish boil once and I really liked it. Afterwards I felt a little sick because all I could remember was the kids letting them crawl on the floor before they were boiled to death!

    Glad you had a good weekend!


  5. I really like both your nail polish and the color on your tootsies! The cobbler recipe sounds good, too!

    Good luck on getting those new shoes without any hiccups!

  6. Nice colour! ;-)
    Ummm, speaking of blonde moments, I thought almond butter, was you know "butter" in other words not like peanut butter. That critter label makes no sense!