Friday, March 8, 2013


That would be a Duck Dynasty reference. People, if you're not watching it you are missing out. HILARIOUS! Dean says Phil is one of the great philosophers of our time. I personally love Uncle Si. Anyway, I'm "HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY" that it's Friday!!

Last night we went to Caliente. We should see about becoming investors we eat there so much. We were celebrating our friend Dave's birthday a few days early.
We like salsa!

I know I've mentioned the fact that I think aliens have taken over my body. You know the exercising, the running, the signing up for a HALF MARATHON?! Well, I don't think anything proves it more than these
See, I saw these somewhere. I think on a blog & I LOVED them. I really love all the bright color tennis shoes that are out there. The problem is these are not shoes that I can run in because I have jacked up over pronating or pronating (I don't know the correct terminology) feet. They would have to be "every day" tennis shoes. I don't need every day tennis shoes because I'm the person that never wears tennis shoes except to run or work in the yard. Or am I??? Apparently, now that the aliens have taken over I want to wear tennis shoes every day. My real life peeps are freaking out as they read this.  OK, so the other problem is that since these are a good running shoe for people with normal feet, they're the price of good running shoes. I don't need running shoe priced shoes for every day wear. Follow? I've searched & searched. I like nothing but running shoe priced shoes. sigh. That's one thing the aliens haven't changed about me. I still like the most expensive stuff.

Tuesday was my lucky day. I found the shoes on Amazon $23 cheaper than everywhere else. Hmmm. Then I looked at this big sale ad that Shoe Station had in the paper. Y'all, I LOVE Shoe Station. Well, there wasn't one pair of shoes in that ad that I wanted. I was in my closet looking around & I realized that I had so many shoes I couldn't even come up with any I wanted besides the tennis shoes.  It was a sad day. Dean didn't have near the reaction I was expecting when I shared that with him. He just said "oh". Really?? After all the comments over the years about my shoes &" oh" is all I get?? That's when I decided I needed cheering up. I had a $25 Amazon gift card so that made the shoes an even better deal. Plus the fact that I won't need any shoes this summer means I'd be saving money by buying the tennis shoes so I bought them. Free shipping of course! They were delivered yesterday. I can't wait to wear them!!

My workouts this week:
Sunday - Much deserved REST day after 7 days in a row of workouts
Monday - Jillian DVD
Tuesday - Yoglates
Wednesday - 3 mi. run - First run of Hal Higdon's Half Marathon training program
Thursday - Yoglates
Friday - Yoglates

Tomorrow I'll run & it's actually supposed to be a pretty weekend so we'll work in the yard & go to the LSU Baseball games.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Cute shoes! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. this girls needs to get back on her routine -i've been off exercising for 2 weeks - NOT good!

  3. Loooove those shoes!! I'm an over pronator too and the choices (and prices) kind of suck! And I LOVE Duck Dynasty so much! Manny says HEY all the time before he talks and I think he sounds like Si. Haha!!

  4. I love your reasoning! LOL

    as we have chatted on Twitter - I am a new DD fan - sooooo funny! Phil and Si are HIGHsterical!!