Friday, January 18, 2013

Losing my mind!

Or so I thought. Yesterday, was my 6 month follow up with the Breast Specialist. You may remember my last visit with her. I passed out. So embarrassing. Well, that has led me to be super nervous this week leading up to the appointment. I was scared to death I was going to pass out again. Anxiety is no fun. I had to have a mammogram & an ultrasound. No biggie. I'm used to having both. It's not high on my list of fun things to do but it's a necessary evil. Last week when the office called to confirm my appt. they informed me that I would be seeing her at her new location. Normally, that would be great because it's less than 5 minutes from my office. However, since I had to do the other stuff I had to go to the hospital. What a hoorah. I ended up with some time between so I went to Zoe's Kitchen for lunch.

This is called the salad sampler. It had pasta salad (AMAZEBALLS!!), greek salad, potato salad & chicken salad. It was soooo good. I didn't eat it all. Good thing because I googled to see how many calories it was. 545. Not bad. UNTIL I saw that this plate was 2 servings & it was 545 per serving. Lovely. I could've had a burger & fries. Oh well. So back to the story.  Once I got to the Doctors office she laughed at me when I told her that I was nervous. We started talking & she talked throughout my exam & everything was fine. She's a runner & we talked about how I'm thinking about running a half marathon. (Yeh, that was the first clue that I might be losing my mind).

After my appointment I went to Yoglates for the third time this week. Yay! I'm back on track. All of the red lights were out along a major road that gets me to Yoglates. Traffic was a nightmare. Once I got to the studio I found out that it wasn't just the red lights but all the electricity was out. No biggie. The studio has tons of windows so we'd still have class. However, the bathroom is dark. Like pitch black. Normally, I change at work before I go but since I was coming from my appt. I was changing at the studio. Thanks to the handy dandy flashlight app that Dean had downloaded I was able to put all my clothes on correctly. Then the lights came on. Of course. When I go to Yoglates after work I  have a ton of crap to get out of the car when I get home. Purse, bag with clothes, etc. Once I got home I couldn't find my phone. I knew I didn't leave it at Yoglates because I'd sent a text message on my way home (while stopped at a red light - no texting & driving). Dean tried calling my phone but we didn't hear it & that's when I realized it was probably still on silent. I silence it for class & often forget until later to turn the ringer back on. I searched the car, I searched my bags, I searched the house including the hamper, trash can & freezer. I retraced my steps multiple times. I was about to cry. Not because I'm that attached to my phone but because the thought of having to buy a new one made me nauseous. Not to mention I have an adorable Tory Burch case. This went on for at least 30 minutes. I decided to try calling it again just in case. Dean went into our bathroom & told me he heard it ringing. I was excited that it wasn't on silent! I was 100% positive I hadn't brought it in there though. I thought for sure I put it in my bag with my clothes when I got out of the car so I wouldn't drop it. That's exactly what I did. Then I brought the bag into the closet & I put my shoes up. Where was the phone?? Inside my shoe. The shoe was a bootie so it was easy for me to miss the phone when I put them up. Such relief. I did think I was losing my mind though.

Have a good weekend!



  1. haha!!!! :) This made me laugh...sorry! I lost my phone right after Brandon and I got married and I KNEW it was in the car. We couldn't find it anywhere and had to get a replacement, after searching the trash, fridge, cabinets anywhere I might have put it. A YEAR LATER we found it in my car, stuck up against the leg of the front seat. It was black and the leg was black and it was stuck at just the right angle we did not see it!

  2. HAHA! We've just spent the last hour looking around downtown for a co-workers phone. She thinks it fell out of her jacket it at break. We were trying to use the find my iphone app, with no such luck.

  3. ah, one of those days! Happy it all turned out :)

  4. So glad the mammo turned out okay. I have issues in that area, too, so I completely get the "nerves" thing.

    Glad you found your phone. I hate it when I misplace something. I usually keep going over and over the same area and generally find that whatever I was missing is simply hiding in plain sight. Ha!

  5. So glad you found your phone...what a hassle!!! I pass out at the sight of blood....when I had to get a lump removed from my arm I went out like a light when I saw the blood. It was sooooo embarrassing!!!! Happy to hear your mammogram came back clear too :o)
    Have a great week!

  6. Don't you just hate that, Traci? I do that all the time, lose my phone and cannot remember where I placed it. And here I get so upset when my almost 95 year old mom cannot remember anything, lol. Come back if you have a chance and take a look at the vacation house we bought. I posted more pictures...Christine

  7. I need this laugh this morning...ha. The salad looks incredible.