Monday, January 21, 2013

A Weekend in Food!

This weekend was the best eating weekend I can think of in a long time. Friday night we had dinner at Galatoire's Bistro. The original Galatoire's is in New Orleans. The Bistro just built a brand new restaurant in Baton Rouge & opened last week.

I started out with french onion soup. I tried this for the first time in Las Vegas & it was sooo good.
It didn't disappoint. It was delicious. I just had a small cup because of what was coming! A wedge salad!! I guess I was so excited I didn't take a picture. It was sooooo good too. The blue cheese dressing was different but really good. It tasted like it was a mustard base. Really really good. For my entree I got the stuffed eggplant.
It was stuffed with shrimp & crab & topped with lump crab meat. So so so good! We didn't need dessert but they had bread pudding & it didn't have raisins so we shared it.
I'm not a fan of bananas on their own but they were amazing with the sauce.

Our friends Allison & Joey were having dinner near our house so they came over & we played The Big Bang Theory party game. It was really funny. Do y'all watch the show?? HILARIOUS!! I think we laughed more at Allison because she could barely read the cards because she couldn't stop laughing.
We had some wine too!

Saturday, I went for a run. More on that in a future post. Afterwards, I got in a nap & then we went to Church. It was a pretty low key day. After Church we went to another place we hadn't been before. DiGiulio Brothers isn't new but we've never been. It's really small & locally owned & if you don't get there early you have to wait forever. We got there about 5:45. They open at 5:30 & the place was packed with at least a 30 min. wait. There were seats at the bar so we ate there. It was nice. They put candles out & a nice cloth napkin for a place mat.
We had wine while we waited. It's a very dark place so the pictures aren't good but you get the idea. I had a hard time deciding (as usual) but I ended up getting the Five Cheese Lasagna with Meatball. It's meatless lasagna which is what sold me. I like meat but I'd rather cheese!
It was AMAZING!!! That's a big meatball on the right side of the plate. I ate a few bites & it was really good. Dean LOVED it. The lasagna was hands down the best I've ever had. It also came with bread & a house salad. YUM! When I saw they had Pistachio gelato on the menu I knew I had to have it. I first tried it in Las Vegas too. At the breakfast buffet no less.
Again, you can't see it but it's served in a martini glass & it had actual pieces of pistachios mixed in. AMAZING!! We shared it but I could've so eaten my own!

Sunday morning we were up at 5:30. My brother & sis in law were running a half marathon & we were meeting them to get Logan. We were bringing him to breakfast. We went to Coffee Call for beignets.
OK for all of the NOLA peeps, Coffee Call so beats Cafe DuMonde. They were sooo good.
Poor kid was half asleep & not really feeling us or breakfast. Notice the guy in the background with the Mardi Gras hat on. Logan loved that hat. He kept staring at the guy. Logan told me he wanted to go to our house to open presents. Hmmmm. We didn't have any presents. Last time he was at our house was Christmas Day. I told him we could go buy him a present. He perked up.
This meant that poor Dean had to actually set foot in a Walmart Super Center. It's been years since he's done that. I told him he could wait in the car but he didn't. Lucky for him this was the most painless Walmart experience we've ever had. Logan spotted a Monster Truck DVD in the $5 DVD bin in the front of the store. He grabbed it & headed to the checkout. We didn't even go to the toy dept. HA!

It was a great weekend! How about y'alls?



  1. Brandon is finally done with his 14 day Daniel fast and I'm looking forward to eating well this week and weekend! Too funny about Logan--these kids and their memories. He knew you'd get him a toy! ;)

  2. My weekend wasn't nearly as "tasty" as yours! favorite!

    We had an unusually warm day Saturday, so we decided to drive to St. Louis (about 100 miles) to Trader Joes and Whole Foods. It was 66 by the middle of the afternoon (it is 19 here right now and getting colder tomorrow) so we just enjoyed being in the fresh air without coats!

  3. OMG that shrimp/crab cake - YUMMO!!!!! - i need to figure out how to make it Whole30 style!