Wednesday, January 16, 2013


What is 42?? I'll tell you. It's our high today in Baton Rouge. Seriously. The HIGH! I looked at The Weather Channel hour by hour forecast & it's not even going to get to 42 until 3:00 today.  Currently, it's 36. TOOOOO COLD! Did I mention it's still raining? It is. It rained my entire way to work. The cost per wear on my rain jacket is coming down faster than most of my shoes. Now, don't think I'm complaining. I'm sticking with my whole don't complain, be thankful mantra. I'm just stating facts. Facts I don't like but facts nonetheless. Saturday was the last time that it didn't rain. Prior to that it rained everyday for I don't remember how long. It's sooooo depressing. It's bad enough that it's cold. Yes, I know in most parts of the country this isn't considered cold but I don't live in most parts of the country & never have. I do know that I couldn't survive in one of those places either. One thing I've discovered during the monsoon is that my windshield wipers are really cool. They totally adjust to how hard the rain is coming down all on their own. See, I'm finding something to be thankful for! It can be cold if I'm home. I just bury myself under blankets. However, being at work causes all sorts of problems. The first being that it's cold in the office. I found out last week that my dept. is ALWAYS set on 72 degrees. Winter & summer. Sorry, too cold for me in the WINTER & SUMMER! I layer up & wear a jacket or cardigan while I'm here but my hands are like ice cubes. I can't type with gloves on. Yes, I've tried. Enough of that.

I just finished this book.
I really liked it. The Sins of the Mother was all about a family, struggles & overcoming mistakes from the past. I love Danielle Steele books because they're quick reads & keep me interested. I read this one in 2 days.

I've also been reading a lot of James Patterson.

 I finished Lifeguard over the weekend. It was another quick read with some surprising twists & turns.

Yesterday was my first day back at Yoglates. It went fine. I could do everything but I did have to sit out some reps. I'm not really sore yet & I'm going back this afternoon. I'm sure tomorrow will be another story.

As I type this 2 birds have flown into the windows at my office. The building is basically all windows & this happens often but today is a little different. The tree outside the window is COVERED in birds. Like, I can't even begin to tell you how many. I don't like birds. AT ALL. Anyway, the 2 that flew into the window were either really big or they were speeding. (I wonder if there is a speed limit in the sky for birds??). It was soooo loud! Apparently, birds are really stupid. You'd think after they saw one bird fly into the window the others would catch on.



  1. It has been raining here since last week and I'm with you-- I'm OVER it!!! Today is cold but over the weekend it was warm. No wonder everyone is staying sick!

  2. Its been cold and windy here and I have been wishing for rain...please send it our way!! Have a great day...glad you're feeling better!

  3. I used to read everything Danielle Steele wrote, but I haven't read any of her work in a long time. I just got a mini iPad, so I'm looking forward to downloading books. I want to try getting them from our library. Do you ever download books to your Kindle from your library? Hope it works well.

  4. We have had a lot of rain over here lately and I am really looking forward to Spring now!

  5. Well, I could give you something to look forward to...eventually you hit the age where you are hot all the time and the outside temp isn't as big a deal! I actually do get cold outside, but we keep the house at 72 in the summer and 68 in the winter, unless I happen to have a cold moment and then I turn it up for a while.

    The weather is just crazy everywhere never know what to expect!