Saturday, October 13, 2012


It's here!! FINALLY!!! After a rough couple of days at work I was out of there at 11:00 Thursday.  I had a dentist appt. & then I came home for a much needed nap. It was awesome to be able to actually sleep good. When I woke up I went for a mani & pedi.
On the toes is OPI "Come To Poppy". It's a bright shimmery pink. Much prettier in person.
My poor fingernails have been awful the last few weeks. I need to keep them like this all the time.

Since I didn't have to work Friday I was planning to sleep in a little. Yeh right. I got up at 5:15 instead of 4:45. I went for a run & it was the first time in a LONG time that I ran 3.1 miles. I did it in 35 minutes. Not great but I'll take it.

I had a few errands to run. Did you know your library card expires? I didn't. I use it to check out books from the library on my Nook. There's no way to renew your card online. Books can be checked out online but you have to go to a branch to renew your card. That makes zero sense to me. Anyway, I got that taken care of & then I went to Ulta to get some conditioner. Dick's sporting goods has a great marketing plan. They open at 9:00 whereas the other stores next to it don't open until 10:00. Well, I was there before 10:00 so rather than sit in the car I went to Dick's & came out with a pair of Nike capri's & a tank. Totally, didn't need either but they were on clearance. The capri's were $15. What a deal! The Reebok tank was $10. You can never have too many tanks.

I had a coupon for JCPenney's so I went & used it. I bought a really cute workout t-shirt. Yeh I needed that. It was $10.00 & my coupon was $10 off of a $10 purchase. Can't beat that but apparently I've become addicted to workout clothes. They have some REALLY cute stuff out there.

After my shopping I met Dean at Roberto's. You know, the best shrimp poboy ever, in my opinion. It was delish! After lunch we went to see Pitch Perfect. It was soooo good! They filmed the movie in Baton Rouge & most of it was on LSU's campus. It was fun to see all the familiar sights. The whole movie we were like "oh, that's the quad, oh, that's Chimes St., etc.".

Friday night we had a big group going to the new casino in Baton Rouge, L'Auberge, to see Better Than Ezra & Darius Rucker in concert "on the lawn". Translation: on the levee. It was so fun. We got there early & ate the buffet. It was good but there really is never a reason to eat that much food!
Lighting was too good for pictures. That's me, Kitzia, Cindy, Jackie & Sheri & some of the hubs behind us.

This is Louisiana & we were outside & it's still in the 80's in October. That means mosquito's are all over the place. As you came in the gates they handed out Off wipes.

That's Kevin from Better Than Ezra. I know it's a crappy pic.

After a late night out I got up about 7:15 & went for a run. I had to do something after that buffet. I ran another 3.1 in 35 minutes. I was so proud of myself for getting up & doing it.

Now I have to make a dip for the football party tonight at Dennis & Jackie's & I have to pack for Vegas. I HATE PACKING!!!


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