Monday, October 8, 2012


I actually had a weekend! Yay! I worked 60 hours last week & was very excited to have 2 days off. Now I just have to make it through 3 1/2 days & then I'm off for 10 1/2. WOOO HOOO! This time next week we'll be in Vegas! Can't wait! 

Friday night we had dinner at Caliente with our friends, the Baxters. It was very good. I had a big margarita & slept really, really good!!! The best I've slept in awhile.

Saturday morning I had a hair appt. Got rid of the roots!  I went a little lighter & I really like it.

The LSU game was Saturday afternoon. We went to our neighbors, the Gillio's for a football party. As usual the food was delicious & I ate too much! The game was a bust. Seriously, LSU isn't good. After the game we went to our other neighbors, the Mitchell's & sat by the fire & made smores. We actually had a cold front come through so it was nice to be by a fire.

Sunday we went to my parents & Scott & Lydia's. They live across the street from each other. We all had lunch together & got to play with Logan.

Logan & his daddy play rough!

Logan wasn't having much to do with me. It was like he was mad because we hadn't seen him in awhile. Work interferes with my social life too much!

Slowly but surely I'm figuring out my new camera. I meant to bring it to take pics of Logan for practice & I forgot it.

I'm reading the Carrie Diaries right now. These are so good! They're the books that the Sex and the City show was based on. I'm on the second. It's a prequel & takes place in the 80's when Carrie first went to New York.

Did you know your library card expires? I didn't. I check books out from the library on my Nook & last week it kept telling me there was a problem with my card so I called the library. Apparently, they expire every 3 years. Ok, fine, renew it. Of course it's not that easy. You have to actually go to the library. So, I can check books out electronically but I can't renew the FREE card online or over the phone. Lovely.



  1. So happy you had a weekend!! Can't wait to hear all about Vegas too!!!

    Cute pics of Logan!

  2. Glad you had a whole week end off. Yes, please hurry and figure out the camera and get back with me. Hubby asked just this week end had I decided on a camera yet. My response was, well this girl that I blog with just got one and she is suppose to be letting me know if I want one like it or not, lol. He just doesn't understand how much faith I have in my "routine" fellow bloggers, lol.

  3. I had no idea the show was based on books! Might have to check those out...if my card isn't expired... haha

  4. You're going to Vegas and I'm going to the mountains. Let's hear it for vacations!