Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good Grief!

I had very unrealistic expectations coming home from vacation. I thought work would've calmed down & things would be getting back to normal. Not so much. I only worked 4 hours of overtime last week so that's a good thing. I had to work late Friday & when I got home we went to eat at VooDoo BBQ. Those BBQ nachos are just too good. I even had a Dr. Pepper. Our church fair was this weekend so we went to hang out there for a bit. Our friends that recently moved to Texas were there. It was nice to visit with them, along with some other friends we hadn't seen in awhile. There was a band too. Saturday morning I ran in the 2 mi. Fun Run. It was COLD. Low 50's. Plenty cold for me. If I had it my way  it wouldn't ever get any colder than that. My official time was 20:37 but seeing as how this is to raise money for the school & not a high dollar production that time may be official but it's not accurate. There were about 10 million kids running & they all wanted to be in the front. I gladly took a place way in the back. There's something to be said for starting in the back & actually passing people. The starting line was also the finish so needless to say since I was in the back some time passed before I actually got to the starting point. I think I did it in 19: something. Either way I was happy. I never run 10 min. miles & I beat my friend.  I brought a couple of the neighbor kids for donuts & then I went home.

Saturday evening after Mass we went & ate Mexican & went back to the fair. The Michael Foster Project was playing at the fair. They're a great local band. It was really cold so there wasn't a big crowd.

Sunday I had lunch with Wendy, Vicki & Allison for my birthday. (It was yesterday). We ate at Chimes & it was delish as usual! I ended up going for a run Sunday evening because I decided I didn't want to get up so early & run when it was 40 degrees on my birthday.

Then it was Monday & back to work. It's not fun working on your birthday. There was a full moon last night & that really explains a lot about my day. I talked to some real winners. One being the guy that said "Can you email that to me? I'm in the tub?". Sure.

I think I've mentioned before that my boss is Dean Blanchard & my hubs is Dean Blanchard. Not the same person. Yes, it's weird, I know. When I got home from work yesterday "my Dean" told me there was a message on the machine. It was a lady complaining about her newspaper delivery. This has happened before. People get mad, they know the Circulation Director is Dean & they look him up in the phone book. The only thing is "Boss Dean" doesn't live in Baton Rouge so they never get him, they get us. It's like I can't get away from the crazies! sigh.

For my birthday we went to dinner at Stroube's. It's a steak restaurant.
The wine was fabulous!
I finally got the wedge salad I've been craving since Vegas! Why is it that a head of iceberg lettuce chopped in half with some blue cheese on it is sooooo good??? I don't get it but I love it! This one was especially good. The steak I ordered? Not so much. First off it was undercooked. I didn't send it back because naturally there wasn't a waiter to be seen & when I first cut into it I didn't think it was too bad. It was after the blood started running across the plate that I was done. Dean ate it & I ate the asparagus & truffle risotto that was amazing.

Work is crazy today thanks to that lovely hurricane Sandy. Seriously, even when the hurricane isn't in our area it causes problems. We have a call center in New Hampshire that we've been using & their main office is in New York which is apparently where the phone lines are routed through. Know what that means? No phone lines. Know what that means? All the calls come to good old Baton Rouge. Know that that means? The call volume is too much & I have to answer customer service calls. UGHHHHH!! It also means I'll probably be here late AGAIN! By the time this is over I may be able to buy those Louboutins & not feel guilty!!!



  1. Happy Happy Birthday to you!! :)

    So sorry work is crazy. Hope you get out of there at a decent hour...or not if you really want those shoes! ha!

    Oh and great job on your run! Awesome time!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Traci! Sorry I missed the real day, but belated wishes are sent with a loving heart -- truly. Congrats on your run! It sounds pretty amazing to me.

    Just an FYI about sending food back at a restaurant -- DO NOT DO IT! Our son told us that many years ago when he first started working in that business. He thinks it's appalling, but he said you just never know when someone in the kitchen is having a BAD day & your returned meal is the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. I won't tell you the things that they might do, just never send anything back. When you are ready to leave, ask to speak to a manager and make your complaint to them. Trust me on this!


  3. Happy Birthday Traci. Sorry to hear that your work has been so busy and hope it calms down soon. Too funny about your husband and boss having the same first and last name.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry work is so crazy for you lately. Hopefully things will slow down for you soon?!??! Happy Halloween!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! A little late, but looks like you salvaged it with that wonderful wedge! I am about to go on facebook and ask where I can find one in this town!! I am sure some fancy adult restaurant that I have never heard of (since we are on total adult restaurant ban due to our wild kids) must have one!!