Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weird Shopping Trip

Our plans Saturday was to go to Sam's &  to Radio Shack to get a memory  card for the new camera. Sam's was good. I picked up a couple of things that I didn't need as usual. My "most comfortable pants in the world" as they're known are the brand Green Tea. This sweatshirt is the same brand.
I really like the neck. If I'm just laying around the house I don't like to have something tight around my neck. I thought this would be perfect for those laying around winter days.

I love the color of this cardigan.
I'm always cold at work. I keep an LSU jacket at my desk but I get tired of being dressed for work & then I put that on. I've started buying cardigans in various colors & I bring whichever one matches what I'm wearing to work.

I picked up a pair of jeans too.
I have no idea why the picture is upside down & I didn't feel like figuring it out. I have a headache. The jeans are Bandolino. I like the dark color. I don't have any that shade & they were only $17!

We also got this.
I love this sort of stuff. The little dishes are stoneware.

Next up was Radio Shack. I'd seen online that they had the Memory Card on sale that our friend, Dave (the camera guru) recommended that I get. This is where it gets weird. Dean & I are now each the proud owners of this.
The 4s. Now we have Siri. Which incidentally I keep calling Suri. You know Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes daughter?  We both had the regular 4 & were perfectly content with them. The guy working at Radio Shack is standing outside with a mike & speaker set up & he's just talking as people walk by. We go in & tell him what we're there for, he gets it & then asks "What kind of cell phone do you have?" We told him. "Do you want to reserve the 5?" NOOOOO. Perfectly happy with what we have. Then he proceeds to tell us that they have a trade in program & we could trade in our iPhone 4 for $115. The 4s is $100 so we we'd also have a $15 credit. Yeh, ok what's the catch? Surprisingly, the only catch was that you had to be eligible for an upgrade & you had to spend your $15 credit that day. No biggie because we were buying the card. Dean was eligible, I wasn't BUT my mom's phone is on our plan & she was eligible because unlike me she likes her phone & has no desire to have to figure out how to work a new one every year. He said I could take her upgrade so I did. Of course I wanted a white phone like I had & he was out but another location had it. He said he'd take care of everything & then I could go pick it up at the other store.

We were in this store for like an hour & 15 minutes. It was very entertaining. This kid was a salesman for sure. When I made a comment about needing to be finished because I had milk in the car he told me I was welcome to bring it in & put it in his fridge. It was in one of those insulated bags so it was fine. Every single person that came in he asked about their cell phone. There was also a wide variety of characters that came in & out while we were there. A woman tripped on the curb & fell. She was fine, just embarrassed. She was with her husband. They were from Arkansas & she was missing a lot of teeth. Personally, I would've been more embarrassed by that than the fall. There was the IT guy that told us he learned how to jailbreak his phone from a 13 year old kid on YouTube. There were 2 chicks that needed to buy an actual boom box for their office because the computers were upgraded & they couldn't listen to Pandora anymore. Two sisters on their way to N. Carolina to bring a War scrapbook to a museum that their 94 year old dad made before he died came in too. What was surprising about all this was that nobody was the least bit impatient. Nobody was mad they had to wait. So. Very. Weird.

Then it got weirder. When he typed in the serial numbers or whatever it was from our phones he told us he could give us each $142 for our trade. When it was all said & done we got 2 iPhone 4s, the memory card & Dean got an Otter Box for free. WTH??? I swear this has to be one of the best deals I've ever gotten! Then he printed our receipts.
My island is 4 ft. long. the receipts were almost as long as the island & there were 4 of them. They're killing some serious trees. Once the receipts were printed we had to go & pick up my phone at the other location. After the fact I realized that I should've just gotten a black phone because it would've been easier but I'm happy with my white one. They had to transfer my pictures so that took another 20 minutes because some of them are backed up on my laptop & some of them aren't. We went across the street to Chick fil A while they transferred them. It was delish!! I hadn't eaten there in a really long time.
Saturday evening we went to Mass & then to dinner at Portobello's. When we got home we went to a neighbors & watched the LSU game. Soooo boring. They won 63 to something or other. Maybe next week against Auburn will be a better game.

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  1. Oh how funny! How did you end up getting 2 iphone 4s for free? I have an iphone 3 and 2 iphone 4's in my cabinet just sitting there cause John and I both got i phone 4s, don't know why cause I never use Siri because she can never correctly type what I say that I have to retype anyway. The incident of the lady without teeth made me LOL!...Christine

  2. Absolutely love this, Traci! You get the best deals. The upgrade scenario is so familiar. This summer, Drew drowned his iphone 3 and I was juggling upgrades to get him a new phone.

    And that cardigan is fabulous!

    Hope work is slowing down.

  3. Love that red sweater with the ruffles -- so cute!