Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weigh In Thursday

I'm back on track. I think anyway. I'm 7 lbs. from my goal weight. I skipped at least a week weighing. I was eating bad because I was working so much & food was being brought in. I just didn't want to see a weight gain. I was stressed enough. So this morning when I weighed I was happy to see that things weren't out of control.

I'm back on track with the workouts too. Sunday I got in the pool & swam 30 laps (300 meters). I swam without taking breaks in between. Definitely a good arm workout.

Monday I ran. The weather was so great. We had a cold front that
came through & it was in the low 60's. The run however, was not great. It had been 2 weeks since i ran. Apparently, that was a problem. I pushed myself to do 25 mins. It was the first time I felt bad after a run.

Tuesday I went back to Yoglates bright & early at 5:30. That was hard too but not as hard as last week. I've said it before, it's not fun when you have to miss a week of classes.

Wednesday I ran again. The humidity was back. The run was better but I just did 28 mins. I could've pushed through but I was in front of my house so I figured it was a good time to stop. I didn't want to feel like I did Monday.

This morning, more Yoglates. Tomorrow I'll run. As of now I plan to take Saturday off.

I've still been working overtime this week but not crazy hours like last week. Hopefully, the end is near!


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  1. I wish a cold front would come through here! Glad to hear you are almost where you want to be but from the pictures I've seen...I think you look awesome!! Have a great evening!!