Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's Saturday Y'all!!!

And I'm on my sofa! WOOOO HOOOO!!! I'm soooo excited. Two whole days off. I was beginning to think it would never happen. This is my new mantra.
One of my friends at work told me yesterday how impressed he was with me because of how aggravated I've been the last 2 weeks & I never blew up at anyone. I'm not even sure how I feel about that.

The  "Core Team" for the conversion went to dinner Wednesday night. We went to Juban's. I'd never been there before. Dean had & he wasn't impressed. I second that. My food was bland which is certainly not normal for Louisiana food. I had French Martini's that were great & the bread pudding was really, really good. For my entree I had seafood stuffed fish. I honestly didn't think any chef in Louisiana could mess something like that up. I was wrong. It was $26 for the fish. This is a fine dining restaurant so there were no sides that went with that. I'm glad the company was paying. I won't be back. I wasn't the only one that didn't like my meal either. It looked better than it tasted.
The stuff that looks like mashed potatoes is bearnaise sauce.

Thursday I worked late again but I had a surprise when I got home.
I've had a few drinks recently that are made with Chambord & I've loved them. Dean went to Sam's & they had this little set.

I had a delivery this week that I was excited about.

Love, love, love our "Geaux Cups"! One side says "Geaux Cup", that's pronounced go for those of you not familiar with LSU. The print & pic is in purple. The other side has the fleur de lis with the eye of tiger & tiger stripes. One of LSU's logo's is the eye of the tiger since the masot is a tiger. I have a friend that orders these for us. All the neighbors get together & design cups. It's a little party. The whole crew gets Geaux Cups & then everyone orders their own. These are what I did this time for Dean & I.
There's a glare & I'm too lazy today to get up & go take another picture. It says Cheers Y'all. The print is a pretty gold.

Speaking of pictures, I'm NOT HAPPY. I ordered a new camera. I've jumped on the DSLR bandwagon. I ordered it August 23rd. It was shipped August 24th. It was scheduled to be delivered August 30th. Isaac hit & it was delayed. Today is September 8th & I STILL DON'T HAVE IT. After numerous calls to FedEx, the Post Office & Sam's, it's been determined that the camera is lost. I have zero faith in people so I think it was stolen. Regardless, I don't have it. Supposedly, Sam's is going to have Nikon send me another one. So annoyed. Some of you may ask if I bought it from Sam's why did I order it online. I have several very valid reasons. I'm working ridiculous hours & didn't really have time to go over there & get it. It was cheaper online. I could go through Ebates & I got cash back. Ordering it online through Sam's means I can charge it on my credit card that I also get cash back on. Whereas in the store Sam's doesn't take Visa. However, I'm beginning to rethink that decision. The lady at FedEx told me that everything that was in the container that my camera was in was scanned in at the post office EXCEPT my camera. Well, that's my luck. Like I said, I'm annoyed.

I  hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Aside from going to the neighbors for the LSU game I'm spending my weekend catching up on rest & reading.



  1. I'm so glad you got the weekend off!! Love your cups too!!! And that is ridiculous about your camera! I would be so upset!!!!! Hope you get the replacement soon.

  2. Love the cups! I want to tailgate and have fun cups! That seriously is awful about your camera - I hope the replacement shows up soon!

  3. I love the serenity saying, lol. I stopped by yesterday and read it, but was too lazy to comment. So glad you are getting some much needed rest. It has been so cool and nice here yesterday and today.

  4. I hope you got lots of rest this weekend! Love the cups!! FUN!