Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Olympics

I don't know about y'all but I've always liked to watch the Olympics. I really love the Summer a lot more than the Winter. I've been watching pretty much all the time when I'm home & I've been wishing I didn't have to go to work so I could lay on the sofa & watch all day. I've even stayed up past 10:00 a few nights!

I have some observations:
  • The men divers need bigger swimsuits. They need to pull those suckers up!
  • The table tennis stuff is craziness. I've never seen such a thing. Have you watched them serve?
  • The women's synchronized diving  - One of them says "ready?" & the other says "yes" or "go". Is "go" a universal word regardless of whether you speak English or Chinese? I ask because when the Chinese were diving they always said "go" in English. I just figured they'd speak Chinese. You know how the do in the nail place??
  • That Lochte fellow bugs me. The whole "grill" thing is ridiculous.
  • Taxes have to be paid on the medals by the winners. $9,000 for a gold! Craziness!
  • The pommel horse needs to go away because I don't like to see guys cry.
  • I honestly never realized Mexico competed in the Olympics. Have they won anything before this year??
  • Volleyball players don't need to wear bikini's. It's just weird. One of those American chicks, I don't think it was the Misty May chick but the other one made the comment that they play a "sexy sport". Ummm, neither of those two chicks are what I'd call sexy. I KNOW I don't have a bikini bod BUT I'm not prancing around in one talking about it being sexy either.
  • The announcers kinda annoy me. I may be in the minority here but I don't need to know so much about the technicalities of a dive or a landing off the the balance beam. I want more fluff. I like fluff.
I need to keep the laptop next to me while I watch because I have a zillion questions & I feel like I'm on my phone googling them all the time. Like how tall some of these people are or how old they are or who are the peeps on bikes riding on the street alongside the rowers. YES, I watched rowing. In case you're wondering the bikers are coaches & some spectators that are serious about the sport & want to see the whole race. How you do that by bike I don't know.

Oh, I don't know if you heard but Michael Phelps is 6'4" & his wing span is 6'7". This got me thinking. Y'all know I always say I have freakishly long arms? I'm not exaggerating either. I notice in Yoglates all the time that my arms come further down my body than most people. Anyway, I'm 5'4". (Dean measured me awhile back) & my wing span is 5'6". I wish when some of the girls are swimming they'd tell us things like that. Do any of y'all know what your wingspan is?



  1. I'm so addicted to watching the Olympics.

  2. We love to watch! And you crack me up because I have thought some of those exact thoughts while watching!!!! I've got to go measure my wingspan!

  3. I have been watching a little....sports are generally not my thing but I find myself flipping over to see what is on. It's addictive really!!! LOL
    I didn't know they had to pay taxes on the medals they win...that is ridiculous!!!!
    I have no idea what my wingspan is.......

  4. I've wondered about some of those same things. If you want to know more about that whole "taxes" things, you should check out:
    This is pretty interesting!


  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one with crazy Olympics questions... I asked my husband today what he thought the temperature of the swimming pool was! Thanks for the fun facts!

  6. Traci, I have said this on Facebook but I will say it again....your posts make me laugh. Hard!