Sunday, August 19, 2012


I was off all weekend & it was glorious. Now it's all over. Why is it work 5 days, off 2?? I think a work 3, off 4 is a much better plan.

I ended up not leaving work until about 5:20 on Friday. 50 minutes later than I'm supposed to be there. It wasn't too bad knowing I was off for 2 days. When I got home we went to dinner at Monjuni's. It was delicious as usual!

Saturday we had errands to run. First stop was to drop my car off for an oil change & tire rotation. Exciting stuff. While that was being done we went to Sam's. The main purpose was to look at cameras. Dean's been doing some research online & we wanted to look at them in person. We did buy a few things.

Apparently, when we drink one bottle of wine we must replace it with 4. Technically, 5 because one of the bottles is xlg!

I also got these capris that were marked down to $10. Y'all, I have them on now & they are sooooo comfy. The brand is Green Tea. They're so soft.

These were marked down to $10 too. They're Nine West. Jean capri's are like purses & flip flops, you can never have too many pair.

We went to Dicks & I got this thing.

Frogg Toggs is the brand. Dean said they're the best rain suits ever. This is some sort of towel that stays cold for when you workout. I saw them awhile back & then I saw someone blog about it. It was $15 so if it works what a deal!

The car was ready so Dean dropped me off to get it & he went to Academy. He came home with this

I've been wanting one for awhile & just hadn't gotten one. I'm not a tennis player & neither is Dean but he has a racquet so I thought we could try playing. I was excited he found a pink one!

We made it home before all the rain & I was able to take a nap before Mass. Afterwards we stopped at Caliente for dinner.

I had quesadilla's with chicken, spinach & chipotle sauce in a whole wheat tortilla. Yum!

This morning when I woke up it was raining again! It was delightful! I managed to get up, eat breakfast, pick up around the house, take a nap (since it was still raining) & wake up before 11:00! Mama & daddy came over for lunch & we visited for awhile. It was a wonderful weekend & I'm not looking forward to week!


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  1. So glad you had a fun and relaxed weekend. It may not seem like it as you think about Monday and the beginning of another work week, but your nice weekend will make your work week a whole lot easier--promise!