Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And we're dark......

Literally, it's starting to get a little dark from Isaac & we're now in our "dark" period at work. What that means is I'm sitting here reading blogs & looking at all the stuff everyone's saying about Isaac. Which, incidentally, is now a hurricane. The dark period entails us not being able to get into the computer system due to conversion to the new system. Of course nobody would ever tell us to just go home so that you'll be home before the bad weather gets here. Nope, that would never happen. Especially, since tomorrow is a regular workday because the powers that be don't think the storm is going to be that bad. Funny, you'd think they would've learned their lessons with Katrina & Gustav. Guess not. Unless I wake up tomorrow to sunny skies I'm taking a day of vacation. Tomorrow is a dark day too so there's not a whole lot that can be done.

Thursday is going to be a horrendous day. You know it's going to be bad when you're told to bring your "red bull, 5 hour energy, coffee, pj's & whatever else you need to get through a very long day". Again, all because of the new operating system. I can't imagine there isn't a better way to handle this.

Dean was told when he left work yesterday not to come back until Friday. He works at a plant & they tend to actually take precautions with bad weather. OK I interrupt this blog post to take back everything I said about the powers that be. I was just told by the big boss that only essential personnel need to be here tomorrow. He tried to convince me that I was essential but we all know better. That means I don't have to take a day of vacation. YAY! It's the little things right??

Anyway, we spent some time last night picking up stuff in the yard. All of our patio chairs are in the house & my glider is in the kitchen. I have plenty of books on my Nook & everything is charged for when the electricity goes out. Hopefully, it won't be out too long. If it is I have plenty of actual books as well. For Gustav it was out for 3 days. Not fun. The worst part of course is that it's HOT!

I even thought about how Isaac is messing out my workout schedule. If you're not from here you may not know or you may, Louisiana's public school systems are crap with the exception of a couple of suburbs. That means the majority of the kids in Baton Rouge go to private school & the vast majority of those go to Catholic schools. Today I was supposed to go to Yoglates but they're closed because they're going by the Catholic school calendar & schools were closed today. Why you have to cancel a 5:30 am class for that I'll never know but whatever. I was planning to run but I guess between nerves, anxiety, whatever I was wide awake at 1:45 for I don't know exactly how long. when 4:45 came I wasn't getting out of bed. Sad thing is that I couldn't go back to sleep so I ended up getting up at 5:00. Epic fail. I could do some sort of workout inside at home but that means sweating & if the electricity is out no blow dryer & that won't cut it. That brings me to a conversation Dean had with our 18 year old neighbor. She sent him a text the other night wanting to know what he was cooking for the hurricane party. He said he didn't know yet & she said she was excited to which he responded "Traci's not". This was the response he got "Of course not. You can't use a flat iron with no power". Umm helllloooo!!!! I know I like to have my hair fixed but come on!

So, if you're in the path of Isaac, be safe!

This has been the most random post ever. I think I'm a little delirious from lack of sleep.



  1. OK, boo on being in the dark! But yay for them giving you tomorrow off without taking a vacation day! Still praying it is not too bad. :)

  2. Stay safe my friend!! I am glad your employer came to their senses about telling you not to come to work!!

  3. I have been wondering how you were doing down there!! Hope you are RELAXING. You have had too much on your plate lately. Maybe a day or so of "storm rest" will help.