Monday, August 29, 2011

Ready for the weekend.

Yeh, I'm well aware that it's Monday & I just had a long weekend but next weekend is a 4 day weekend. We're going to Dallas for the LSU/Oregon game & I'm ready to go. We're staying at the team hotel & I discovered this weekend that there's a Starbucks inside the hotel!! I'm very excited that I can have green tea whenever I want!

Speaking of green tea. I really wanted one this morning but I didn't have time. When I got to work I realized that I forgot my tortilla that I use to make a wrap for lunch. I guess I'll be having Subway. I hate when I do stuff like that.

Friday, Dean & I were both off. I'd finished Week 2 of the C25K on Wednesday but I decided to do another day Friday morning. I wasn't sure if I was ready for the 3 minute runs that come with Week 3. Afterwards, we ran errands & had lunch at Roly Poly. I love that place. They have about a million different types of wraps & every one I've tried is delicious!

Friday night we went to our neighbors for pizza & wine. They all wanted to hear about Dean's Alaska trip. We always have such a good time when we get together. Yes, I ate too much pizza. I LOVE PIZZA!! Then there was this......

I know this is an awful picture but you get the idea. It's Key Lime Strawberry cake with coconut all around the sides. It was DIVINE!!! I got this little treat at Sam's.

Saturday morning Dean & I went to the Zoo & watched Logan while Lydia ran the 5K they hosted. Logan was being shy when they got there.

Logan is so funny. He tells all the animals hey & bye. When he saw the runners go by he joined them. That kid is fast! He picked up the cups that the runners threw on the ground at the water stop & put them in the recycle bins. Thankfully, about that time we made it to the playground & he played & played. He had his little 9 year old friend, Maddie, with him & it was a day of monkey see, monkey do.

After the zoo we spent the day in our pool. Logan wore himself out.

He was about to fall asleep standing up.

Dean grilled some of the salmon he caught in Alaska Sat. night & some of our neighbors came over & ate. It was really good.

Yesterday, after Mass we went to Louie's for breakfast. Louie's is a local hole in the wall type place that's basically on LSU's campus. I had a veggie omelet with salsa & it was soooo good!!!

Last night I went with a couple of friends that live in our subdivision & we did day 1 of week 3 of C25K. I was soooo excited when I finished because I was able to do the 3 minute runs. Cindy even talked us into doing an extra 3 minutes & I did it. This was the first run that I didn't have any shin pain. Maybe I'm getting used to it.



  1. Hey Traci, sounds like you are really busy here lately. I admire you for sticking to your healthier eating for as long as you have. I always start out so gung-ho, then get the idea that since I have done so well, I can eat however I want. Great job!

    You will have to go by wal-mart or somewhere and pick you up some green tea bags and leave at work for mornings that you are rushed and can't get by starbucks. Especially now that the mornings are cooler. It was 63 here this morning, and I am loving it! Even if I did have to do weed-eating and grass cutting. Have a great week!

  2. Way to go on the extra three minute run. You are well on your way to running your 5k in November!!!

  3. Wow, you are jumpin' the gun on that weekend thing, but I can't blame you. We are looking forward to it as well. I think it is so cute how involved ya'll are with little Logan. He is such a cutie!
    :) CAS

  4. hi traci! Sounds like a fun weekend ahead. You had a great one this past weekend as well. You are doing so well with your eating,and subway is not a bad choice. Glad there will be a starbucks in the hotel, I still have not tried that tea yet.

  5. Wow, that cake looks amazing!!!!! And hooray for football starting back!! I've missed it!

  6. Do you like C25K?

    And on a completely opposite note - that cake looks/sounds heavenly!! YUM!

  7. Sounds like you had a busy wore me out!! We have a wedding this weekend and then a couple days to relax...we've been running the last few weekends and need some time to relax!

  8. SEC football baby! So glad it's here!

  9. I love pizza too! It always seems to go down well no matter what. :) When I did c25k last year, I had hip pain forever - until I changed my shoes. I just mention that in case the shin pain doesn't go away.