Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weigh In Thursday

I gained 1.6 this week. UGH!!! I can't say I'm surprised after "Dean's in Alaska so I'm hanging out with all my friends & every event involves food" Weekend. Seriously, last weekend was pretty much nothing but food. Wendy's bday dinner, my mom's bday lunch, pizza at the draft party, dinner out when Dean came home Sunday night. I'm now about 7 lbs. from my goal. I'll get there.

This week I've gone to Yogalates twice & I completed week 2 of C25K. I'm going to Yogalates today & I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll do day 3 of week 2 of C25K again just to make sure I'm ready for week 3 which involves running for 3 mins. straight. I know it doesn't sound like a long time but it is when you're just beginning.

Has anyone read or watched this series?
Wendy read them & told me how good they were. I've only read the first one but I loved it! I finally figured out how to check out books from the library on my Nook so I have the 2nd one waiting for me when I finish the book I'm currently reading.  I've never watched the show but I know a couple of people that do & they love it. What's everyone reading? I'm always looking for new books & authors.



  1. That is a great series for the readers out there. Also The Lying Game was written by the same author and it's awesome as well. It's Sara Shepard.

  2. this was your cheat days :) sometimes we gain sometimes we loose. let's just hope we lose from here on out haha, right :)

  3. Oh Boo on the +. Those weeks are never fun, but Yay! for you not letting it get you down. You will run it off.
    I have not read or watched those and every time the commercials come on my B says, "Ooooo they said a bad word!" :) "Liar" is bad afterall...haha

  4. I haven't weighed myself in three weeks because I don't want to face the number on the scale. I can tell in my clothes. From the last time I was on the scale, I'm nine pounds from my goal. You'll do fine. Keep up the running -- you are doing AWESOME!

  5. Reading, The help right now so I can see the movie soon. I hope you are having a great weekend.