Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy Busy!

I made it through the first weekend alone! Dean left bright & early Sat. morning for Alaska. Allison & I headed to the lakes to do our 4 mile walk & day 1 of C25K. I'm so excited that I was able to do it. I know I'm just beginning but I did it & it wasn't too hard. I do wish I could do something about the way I look when I finish. I get soooo red in the face. It's awful. If anyone knows of a sweat proof makeup please let me know! Once we were done we needed a refreshing drink. You guessed it, ice green tea please! Then it was back to my house. I was hosting "the worst book club ever". I made pasta salad & everyone else brought stuff. We had a sandwich tray from Subway, fruit, leftover wedding cake & chips. Not great for the diet but it was fun. We ate & hung out in the pool.

After book club, Vicki & I were going out to dinner & to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. We went to La Caretta & then to the theater. Our plan was to see the 7:15 feature. Yeh, well, we couldn't even get in the parking lot so we decided to go down the street for the 7:40 feature. EPIC FAIL. The line was a mile long & it was very close to 7:40. We weren't too worried because you know they show 20 mins. of previews. It's FINALLY our turn. SOLD OUT. Seriously? How hard is it to make an announcement as to which movies are sold out or mark it on the sign. Who knows how much time we would've saved. We tried to get tickets to The Help. Also, sold out. So annoying. We went to Starbucks. This is becoming a serious problem I think. At this point it was 3 days in a row & twice in one day. We went to Borders & picked up a couple of books. We also went to Ulta. I've heard a lot about the Macadamia Hair Mask & I wanted to try it. They were sold out of the big container so I got a sample size.
I also bought this conditioner.
I've heard some people talk about how much they like it. I'll try both & decide which one I like the best.

Sunday, Allison & I were supposed to walk the lakes again but Allison had a late night Sat. so we didn't. I'd set my clock to make sure I didn't oversleep before I knew we weren't walking. I woke up & the clock said 8:15. We were meeting at 8:00. I jumped out of bed & grabbed my phone so I could let her know what was going on. That's when I saw her text & noticed that it was 4:15 AM. Apparently, I did something wrong!! HA! Needless to say it was difficult to get back to sleep.

Since we didn't get to see the movie Saturday night we decided to try again Sunday. Allison met Vicki & I & we were able to get tickets & being that there is a Starbuck's right there I got a green tea to bring in the movie. 
It was really good. I liked it a lot. It was funnier than I was expecting.

Today, I'm exhausted. I didn't sleep good at all last night. I don't know if it's nerves from being home alone or my subconscious thinking about screwing up the alarm clock & being late for work or what. I was awake a zillion times last night so that leads to waking up with a headache. Today is day 2 of C25K. I expect to be in bed EARLY tonight. Surely, as exhausted as I am, combined with the run I'll be able to sleep.



  1. Wow, who knew how hard it would be to see those movies? I've heard both are really good. I can't wait to see The Help, the book was great.

    I love your addiction to Sbux, there's one on every corner out here in Oregon....something about the dreary winter weather requires lots of caffeine :) I'm a black coffee girl.

  2. Hi Traci. I never thought they would ever sell out of movie tickets. Everytime we go to a movie, there's hardly anybody there. I must be going to the wrong movies. Take care and make the most of being alone....Christine

  3. I can't sleep when my hubby is gone even though I think I will be able too...maybe that's it or too much overload on the brain...glad you were able to see your movie...I haven't seen that one yet.Take care!!

  4. I've been wanting to see this movie! I hope you are having a great Summer!

  5. You're doing awesome. Keep up the running.