Thursday, December 29, 2016


Since my last post not a lot has happened. I still don't have my car & I'm still training for a marathon.
On Christmas Eve I had one last "really long run" to do. I was supposed to run 18 miles. It was hot & humid so I wasn't really looking forward to it. Surprisingly, it wasn't awful. I made it to 18 & only stopped twice to fill up my water bottle so that's like a 30 second stop at the most. I decided to go ahead & try to get to 20. I told myself that if I could run to 19, I'd let myself walk 20. I ended up walk/running the last mile. Even though it was way too hot I felt much better than the last time & my time reflected that. I was 11 minutes faster than my other 20 miler.

The only thing that was really hurting were my feet. I could feel that I had a couple of blisters. I wore different socks & that was a mistake. They slipped & my heels were messed up. I also had a spot on my pinky toe that didn't feel good. When I took my shoe off the whole side of my sock was covered in blood. I'll spare you the picture. I was walking around the kitchen getting Powerade & chocolate milk & there were little bloody footprints everywhere. The floors were going to be cleaned later in the day so I wasn't too concerned. Dean said he could track me like he'd track a deer just from the blood. So, when I took my sock off imagine my surprise when the spot that was bleeding was tiny. Like, really tiny. Weird.  
Since we're back to warm temps I was able to get in the pool waist deep. It was cold but not awful & it really helps with recovery.
We always go to Mass on Christmas Eve. We normally go to the 4:00 Mass & to dinner afterwards. Since we were only able to get an 8:00 dinner reservation we went to 6:30 Mass. I think it's my fave now. You don't have to go an hour early to get a seat &  you're not squeezed in like sardines.
We had our annual dinner at Ruffino's with our friends. It was delicious as usual.

Ruffino's always brings cotton candy at the end of the meal.
After dinner we went to the annual pajama party at our neighbor's house.
I didn't do a very good job taking pictures this year & I'm about the only one that takes any so we don't have many.

My cousins who are also my Godchildren & my mom. Note the shorts & t-shirts. It was hot. I think we have more hot Christmas's than anything.

Logan wasn't feeling good. It was obvious because he was being still & quiet. HA!

He opened his presents & then he was gone. We found him in the sitting room.

Poor little man. 

My uncle & my brother

Two of the cousins

It was a miracle to get these two pictures. The boys are not a fan of pics.

Brooke & her mom

Me & my cousin, Leslie

They even smiled for me!
All in all it was a good day. I just wish Logan would've been feeling better.
How was y'alls Christmas?


  1. I'm so sad it was so warm over Christmas! Stupid weather! I'm going to have to try ruffino's next time I'm in town! Sounds yummy!

  2. You train hard, but I love how you and Dean always, always have fun! You have amazing family and friends! Hope this is a great year for you and Dean.

    Warm hugs,