Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Race Week

It's finally here. Race week. For the last several years this has been race week but this year is different. This year it's race week for my first (and only) Full Marathon. I still can't believe I'm actually going through with it. 

Everything was going fine with my training until 2 weeks ago. I started with the sinus/allergy thing that I get. I took meds, I rested & I skipped some training runs. Thankfully, I was starting to taper so I didn't miss any long runs. I ran 10 miles the Friday before New Years & all was good. The day after New Years I woke up feeling awful so I went to After Hours. They diagnosed me with Bronchitis. Lovely. I really don't have time for that. I took my meds, I rested some more. Here it is a week later & I'm still coughing. It's extremely annoying. 

My last "long run" was scheduled for Saturday & it was 6 miles. Winter decided to arrive in Louisiana Friday & Saturday. The temps were in the 20's with wind chills in the teens. I like to run in cold but that was a little much. I still wasn't feeling great so I postponed my run to Sunday. 

I got it done Sunday afternoon. The sun was out & it had "warmed up" to the somewhere in the 40's. That's definitely my ideal running temp. By my 2nd mile I was sweating. 

 I ran again this morning.

Just a short 3 miler. This is going to be my last run before the race.
 I'm nervous. Like really nervous. I shouldn't be. I mean it's just a run. I can walk if I get tired. I've done (2) 20 mile training runs. Surely, if I can do that I can make it 6 more. People do it all the time. 

This is part of my problem.

3 different weather apps with 3 different forecasts. I'm not concerned with the rain. I'm concerned with that big 77 degree high. That's hot! I'm trying not to worry about it because there isn't a thing in the world that I can do about it. Well, except pray for a random cold front that nobody's expecting.

So, the next time we "talk" hopefully, I'll be able to say that I'm a marathoner. 


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  1. I'm so proud and excited for you!!! You're going to do great! :)