Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Marathon Training

So, training has been going really well. I've had a few pains but I've gone to physical therapy & it's helped  a lot. Saturday was a scary, scary day. My training plan was for a 20 mi. run. I didn't want to do it. I know there's nothing saying I have to but I do want to see this through & get that sticker. Even though I don't have a car to put the sticker on at the moment. Hopefully, we'll have it back by then. 

It was really cold Saturday morning. Not just cold for Louisiana either. When I got up the wind chill was something ridiculous like 27. I didn't want to hang around the house too long waiting for it to warm up because that would just make me not want to go. I do much better waking up, getting dressed & going run right away. I ended up leaving around 9:00. It was cold but the sun was out & I know once I start I warm up pretty quick. 

It's amazing just how far 20 miles actually is. At least to me it is. I never really paid attention to how many miles it was to get anywhere until I started running. I actually started at my house, ran to LSU, ran around campus, around the lakes & almost all the way home. It was tough. It didn't get too bad until around mile 18. I ended up walking a little those last 2 miles. I was tired but my biggest problem was that I was nauseous. I think the energy jelly beans were to blame. I need to figure out a plan because I have to take in some calories on the route to get through the marathon. Carbs work best for me but I can't run around with a bagel in my pocket. It took 4:01 to do 20 miles. Originally I wanted to finish the marathon in 5 or less but I see that's a pipe dream. 

The pelicans are migrating before they hibernate. Or at least that's what I read somewhere. 

I've been using the pool for ice baths for the last several long runs. The water is freezing & I didn't think I'd be able to stand it this week since it was cold outside too. I managed to just put my feet & calves in. My foot was bothering me & my calves are usually tight after a run. I honestly think this does wonders because when I woke up Sunday morning I wasn't sore aside from my foot but it was better. I've always believed in the power of ice but now I'm convinced. 

20 miles is the longest training run I'll have to do. I'm using Hal Higdon's plan with some modifications & it only calls for one 20 miler. The local running store has a plan too. They also only go to 20 miles but they do it twice. I can't decide what's best. The reason for the other modifications is time. Now that I'm further into the training the plan wants you to do a semi long run during the week. I can't do 8 or 9 miles during the week because I already get up at 4:30 & I'm not getting up any earlier & with the traffic we have these days I don't usually get home before 5:45. If I started immediately that would have me not finishing until close to 8:00 which isn't far from my bedtime since the whole getting up at 4:30 thing. I just try to get what I can done. I'm not trying to win the race I just want to finish. 

This weeks first run was short since it was the follow up to 20. 

It was also reaaaalllly slow. Again, not trying to win.

This morning I did 6 miles.  

The weather this week has been yuck. Windy, misty & today foggy. It's not cold but the humidity is high. All that's supposed to change Sunday. We'll see. I do much better in cold weather & I'm crossing my fingers that it will be cold January 15. 


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  1. I'm in awe, Traci! I've been using an ice pack on my sciatic nerve (well, actually I alternate ice and heat), but I cannot imagine sticking my feet and legs in such cold water....YIKES!

    Warm hugs,