Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Still Trucking Along

Things are bad in Louisiana. Mainly the area in the immediate vicinity of Baton Rouge. I didn't work a full day at all last week. I went to work, we got done what had to be done & we left to go help. Everyone knows someone that was affected by the flood. I did a lot of packing, a lot of sweeping, a lot of wading through gunk. In case you didn't know, flood waters leave a LOT of muddy gunk. 

We were in Central Saturday & Denham Springs Sunday. I just thought it was bad in the area of Baton Rouge I'd been working in. Devastation doesn't begin to cover it. There are just mounds of debris piled along the street. It's the most depressing thing I've ever seen. People say it's just stuff & that's true but at the same time that stuff are things that people have worked their entire lives for & now they have to start over. 

People still need supplies & food. A friend was denied emergency food stamps because her income is too high, yet her house is gutted & has to be rebuilt. How is that ok? Everyone is doing what they can to help but it's just sooo many people that need help.

There have been comments made about why people live in Louisiana when these things can happen. I can't even deal with that stupidity. Why do people live in California where there are earthquakes & why do people live where there are tornadoes? It's just a stupid statement. Another popular misconception is that we're below sea level. Baton Rouge & the other areas that are flooded are not below sea level. 

We've learned through this that there are a LOT of really good people out there but there are a lot of really crappy ones too. I'm trying to focus on the good. 

If you're able & want to help, this is a GoFundMe that is doing a lot of good for people. It's helping the entire community & not just one family. 

 Some people are ordering from Amazon & having things shipped directly to Louisiana for distribution. If you prefer to go that route & donate items that are needed email me at & I'll give you my address for shipping & I will see that it's distributed to people in need.  

Please continue to pray.



  1. Keep fighting the good fight, Traci.

    Jane xx

  2. BR has been on my heart and mind ever since the flooding. How can people say stuff like that about Louisiana? Most of the areas that flooded have NEVER flooded before!! A friend of mine has an amazon wish list and is distributing items to shelters/families from's been amazing to see the community and state come together to help in this awful time. Still praying for you guys!!

  3. I am so sorry this has happened there, Traci. Will pray for you all and donate what I can...Christine