Monday, August 1, 2016


Last week we were on our way home from New York. One of our best trips ever! Dean was in Connecticut for work & I flew into Boston to meet him. I got there on Wednesday afternoon & we had tickets to the Red Sox game that night. Dean's company has season tickets & the seats are amazing. 

That's the Red Sox dugout! I was sooooo excited! I've wanted to go to Fenway since I was in high school. 

Big Papi during warmups. 

That's Big Papi behind us doing high kicks. If he was shorter he could be a Rockette!

It was weird seeing all of the flags at half staff knowing it was because of the police officers that were killed in Baton Rouge just a few days before. Anytime people asked where we were from & we said Baton Rouge the response was the same - "there's a lot going on down there?". Yep. 

It's Big Papi's last season.  I'm so glad we got to see him play during his final season. We saw a good game too. The Red Sox beat the Giants & there was a lot of scoring & a lot of home runs. 

Thursday morning we toured Fenway. That was really interesting. It's such an amazing place with so much tradition 

They even grow everything that they serve in the stadium bars & restaurants.

There's a section of the stadium that has pictures of all the different events they've had at Fenway besides ballgames. This was my favorite!

I love New Kids On The Block!!!

The grounds crew were busy bees during the tour. 

The famous Citgo sign. If you're a fan of running & the Boston Marathon you know about the Citgo sign.

Next time we go to Boston I want to sit on top of the green monster. They have these cute little bar stools that swivel.

So much history!

Our hotel was only a mile from Fenway so we walked. After the tour of Fenway we got on the Hop On Hop Off Trolley tour. We went all over Boston and we took a Harbor Cruise.

The city of Boston from the boat.

Quincy Market had street performers outside. Fun fact - you have to try out to be a performer. 

I had a lobster roll for lunch. It was good but if there would've been some Tony's or other Cajun seasoning around I would've used it! 

The bread was super fresh! Dean thinks mayo is the devil so he went with the old Boston stand by - Chinese food. *rolling my eyes* 

I was taking the pic of Bolyston St. not Chinatown! Speaking of - why in all of these big cities do they all have Chinatown? Now I'm thinking Dean eating Chinese food wasn't so weird. I guess it would've been better if it came from Chinatown though. 

We went in & had a drink at Cheers. 

We also saw a lot of historical stuff on our tour. The last driver we had on the tour was so great. He had the Boston accent, lived their all his life. He was great! If it wouldn't have been for Wahlburgers I would've stayed on to listen to him. 

We went to the Bleacher Bar for a drink.

This place was so neat. It's built under the outfield bleachers of Fenway & there's a big window where you can watch the game & you don't need a ticket. 

Next up was something else I've been waiting on for awhile.

There was no Donnie, Paul or Mark sightings but our waitress said Paul & Mark are there all the time. Figures.

I had a cheeseburger with "government" cheese. The homemade pickles were sooo good! Dean had chili dogs & the fried onion strings were amazing!! 

After dinner it was time to pick up our luggage at the hotel, ride the T to the Amtrak station to catch our train to New York. It was my first time on a train & I really liked it. The seats are bigger than a plane. It was a 4 hour train ride & I slept a good bit of the time so it flew by. 

Next up - New York Day 1


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  1. Love the pics! I really loved following your posts on FB! Seemed like such a fun trip!