Monday, August 8, 2016

New York Day 2

First on the agenda for Saturday was the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was crowded & hot. By far the best deal in NYC is the guy on the bridge with his ice chest full of Costco bottled water selling it for $1.00/bottle. 

We didn't go into Brooklyn. We saved that for the next trip. 

St. Paul's - this Church is right across the street from where the Twin Towers stood & there was no damage. Not a pane of glass or a damaged headstone in the cemetery on the property. 

Like just about everything else in NY, it's under construction. 

I hit up Starbuck's while Dean stood in line at Half Price Tickets. Our tour guide recommended Something Rotten so that's what we got.

We walked around in that area for a little while. The South Street Seaport was cute. There were some shops & places to eat.

And ships!

We walked by the Library

This is Fortitude the Lion

We hung out in Bryant Park for a bit. It was nice & shady! 

Then we went to Times Square. 

Those TV screens are HUGE & perfectly clear. There were so many sights to see here. Including the Naked Cowgrandma. Y'all it was bad. Topless, bikini bottom, guitar, lots of makeup, long hair & approximately 85 years old.

Times Square was by far my least favorite part of New York. There are people dressed up like Elmo and the Statue of Liberty and people are taking pics with them but they want you to pay. It's so strange to me. 

We learned on the tour that the ball for New Years Eve stays up year round. 

That's it. It was much smaller than I was expecting. 

We ate an early dinner before the show. We went to Hell's Kitchen to a place called Nizza.

The spaghetti & meatballs were really, really good. We had some time to kill before the show so we walked around a little by the St. James Theater where Something Rotten was. We found a little bar called Smith's Bar. When I saw the menu I knew what I had to get!

Gin & Juice for me! 

It was delish! It we wouldn't have had a show to go to I could've stayed here a long time. Aside from the delicious drink, music was fabulous!! It was like going back in time to my teen's & 20's. I was actually drinking gin & juice while Snoop was playing. If any of you watch 2 Broke Girls then you're familiar with Max. I swear the bartender was her. She was annoyed by the foreign tourist that was asking dumb questions, she had dark hair like her, rolled her eyes, she was great!

Sadly, we had to leave. Keep in mind I was not at all excited about this show. My vote had been for the Jesse Tyler Ferguson comedy show (you know Mitchell from Modern Family?) but since Dean was such a trooper on this trip I went with what he wanted to see.

 The description of the show was a complete turn off for me. 1590's is when it took place, something about Shakespeare. Just really not my thing. Well, this is one of those times when it pays to be open minded. This show was so good! It was really funny! I highly recommend it.

After the show we went back to Times Square just so I could see what it's like at night. 

Very lit up & even more people!

Finally, I was getting my New York pizza. There was a little place down the street from our hotel called 2 Brothers Pizza. This was up there with the $1.00 water on the Bridge. 2 big pieces of pizza & a drink for $5.00! Now, I love Dr Pepper we all know but I don't drink them very often. Something about vacation always has me wanting them. I discovered that Boston & NY are not Dr Pepper cities. Well, not only did 2 Brothers have this fabulous deal but I almost passed out when I saw cans of Dr Pepper! Normally, I would not be excited by a can BUT we were taking our food back to the hotel & we had a kitchenette with a refrigerator with ice & glasses! Trip made! HAHA!

Still more to come!


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  1. Your trip sounds so fun! So there is a walkway for people to cross the Brooklyn Bridge? That would be awesome. How many miles? lol!

    I visited NYC back in my early 20's. Times Square was awesome but not like it is today with the huge screens. We took in a play and shopped a bit on Fifth Ave. You are so sweet seeing the play Dean wanted to. I've seen my share that were part of work functions (back when I worked prior to having the ankle biters!). One was spoken in Latin. What? I like musicals...42nd Street was great and we saw The Goodbye Girl with Martin Short and Bernadette Peters. Then my hearing loss became so severe I couldn't do it. I used head phones for The Carole King Musical and it was great.

    I can't wait to hear what else you did. I keep bugging A to take a trip there. He thinks living in Chicago makes it redundant. Ha! I want to see Central Park...seriously, 2 whole days. My son ran around the entire park his first time there a few months ago. I've heard its a runners paradise. My niece lives in Brooklyn so it would be nice to visit and see some of that. I'll have to start withholding favors, such as dinner and clean laundry til he says yes!

    Keep us posted!