Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day

The weekend wasn't a crazy one but we managed to keep busy. Friday night we went to a high school graduation party for our friends son. The food was delicious especially the cake! 

Saturday we were up early to do some outside work. There was lots of pressure washing to be done. It's amazing how much better everything looks. Now if I can just figure out a way to keep the birds from pooping on everything life would be great. It drives me insane. 

Another thing that's driving me insane is all the people in a tizzy over the stupid gorilla being shot. I understand the mother should've been watching her kid. The zoo needs to rethink the barriers if it was that easy for a kid to fall. BUT the fact remains it was a kid in danger. I just think the whole world has gone crazy.  People are putting the life of an animal above that of a kid. 

Sunday I got up early & went for a run. The temps are up so pretty much an early run is the only way I'm going to run. 

I really love my new watch. It's easy to use & fast. I never have to wait or wave my arm in the air to get a GPS signal. 

After my run I went to Mass & then later in the afternoon we had friends over & we ate & hung out in the pool. We leave on vacation in 8 days with these same friends so we were figuring out the last minute details. I cannot wait to leave.

Monday my parents came over & we ate & hung out in the pool. It's a trend this time of year. 

Dean cut the grass & to keep myself from taking a longer nap I went for a walk.

Yesterday was a crazy day at work which means I was highly annoyed. After work I met Allison, Vicki & Amanda at Caliente. Tuesday is kids night & they were having a cooking class. While the boys cooked we ate, talked & played with Anna Claire.

She was so good! 

Yesterday was also my rest day because I hadn't taken a day off from workouts in a week. Saturday wasn't the typical workout but pressure washing & pulling weeds is a workout.

Today is Global Running Day so I made sure to get out of bed & get my run done.

I'm pretty slow these days but I'm not really worried about it. I have zero time goals for the Marathon. I just want to finish.

Tomorrow we leave for Houston for our nephew's graduation so it will be another busy weekend.



  1. Good to hear from you, Traci! Sounds like you were busy...I worked on the yard and garden quite a bit, too. Sore muscles for sure!

    I'm totally with you on the terrible situation with the gorilla and child. First, I know what it's like to take my eyes off a child for a second, I had 4 under the age of 10 at once. A potential accident in a second. I wonder how many of the supporters of the gorillas life over the childs have children of their own? I would have jumped over that barrier myself to save my child. If I had my own gun---and I hate guns, I wouldn't have hesitated to use it. I LOVE animals but lets not lose sight of a human life. Had the zoo not reacted at all there would be protest against them as well as law suits. How crazy we have become.

    Thanks for speaking out. Haven't seen anything in blogland yet but I have been exhausted with so many things going on in my life. I think I need a blog break.


  2. In with you on the gorilla incident. Such a sad situation all around! Sounds like a busy weekend!! Glad you had fun! :)