Friday, June 17, 2016

We're Back!

As sad as it is, we are back from vacation. Insert sad face here. Seriously. It was such a great vacation. 

We started out with cocktails in the airport at 6:00 am. Cindy is terrified of flying so a drink is a must & we couldn't let her drink alone. She also takes a "happy" pill but we didn't partake in that part. LOL.

We flew from New Orleans to Houston to Cancun. The flight from NOLA to Houston had the lady that didn't take a breath the entire flight. Seriously. I know her entire life story along with everyone around us because she was loud.  "I don't have anorexia but I have something", "The car wreck was worse than the cancer" & it went on & on & on & on. 

After making it through Customs we found our shuttle to the resort & were on our way.  When we drove up to Royalton it was beautiful! All you could see through the glass doors was the ocean. We stayed in the Hideaway portion of the resort which is the adult only section.

We were greeted with cool towels & champagne! 

After we checked in our Butler took us to our room & showed us how everything worked. 

This was on the TV. We put on swimsuits & met up with everyone to explore.

We ended up on the beach.

Everything was really pretty!

We had dinner at the buffet & I was amazed. Everything was really good & there were soooo many choices! It was like Vegas. Fresh seafood grilled to order, the best pizza, Mexican food, sushi - which now I'm a fan of, pasta, you name it they had it.

We had an early night since we were up since 4 am. 

The view from our balcony was fabulous. This is what you saw when you looked to the right.

And this is what you saw when you looked to the left.

We had gorgeous clear days every day but one & it was only cloudy for a little while with a really short shower.

Friday morning we had breakfast at the buffet. Again, amazing!
Then we were off to the beach.

Aren't our cups cute?

Fake Yeti's for the win! They work just as good as the real thing! Cindy decorated them for us with our monogram's on the back.

More pics to come! Have a great weekend!


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