Friday, August 14, 2015

Not much has been happening over here. Dean left for his business trip Tuesday & I've just been going to work, working out & going to sleep. That's what it feels like anyway. 

I think my friend Cindy thinks I don't eat when Dean's not home. She's called me all week asking if I need anything since my "Chef" isn't home. Last night she was at Burgersmith so I took her up on her offer & had supper delivered.

You know it's going to be good when there's grease spots on the bag! I tried a turkey burger for the first time ever & it was so good! It came with grilled onions, swiss cheese, lettuce & a little honey mustard on a whole wheat bun. I loved it! I got cajun fries with it. I couldn't resist & they were delicious too.

I'm not sure how much work is getting done on Dean's business trip. He claims the meetings are brutal but then he sends me these pictures. 

He assures me this was a real dog that moved. Every time I look at it I laugh. There were at the Mets game in New York. 

They ate pizza in Time Square. Today they'll be in Boston & at Fenway tonight. Yes, I'm jealous!!

Sunday after I watered my plants I was going to get in the pool when I almost stepped on a snake. Seriously, scared me half to death. It was about 3 ft. long. You'd think I'd be used to this by now. It's a pretty normal occurrence. I'm not. 

Yesterday, my mom & I were talking about a friend on FB had a snake in her pool & I was saying that I"m surprised that we haven't found one in ours. This morning I got a text from my neighbor. 

There was a snake in her pool. You can bet I'll be walking around doing a snake check before getting in the pool from now on. 



  1. That sounds like a pretty fun business (cough cough) trip that Dean is on....sure he's working hard! I've never seen a snake around our house, but we are a long way from any undeveloped land. I didn't even realize that rattlesnakes could swim until a few years ago some work was done on one of the more popular lakes around here. This work enlarged the lake and made it higher, which meant the water dislodged a lot of snake dens. Well, you can imagine some boaters and swimmers' surprise when those slithery things came right up to the boats......god, that just creeps me out thinking about it! Yes, please check those waters closely, Traci!

  2. It can take some getting used to cooking or preparing meals for ourselves---I often wonder how single people do it. I tend to graze and love not having to cook a whole meal. But just for awhile because you know I love to cook and need a guinea pig! lol!

    Jane x

  3. Ugh snakes creep me out! Definitely be careful!! Looks like your husband is having a great time! :)

    1. Definitely not a fan & we see so many where we live. He had a great time & said anyone that's a baseball fan should go to Fenway. I'm hoping we can go next summer.