Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Weekend of Logan!

Friday morning I did a 6 mi. run. It was hot but my time was a little better than it has been.

Friday's we close at 2:00 so I went & picked up Logan to spend the night. We went to Happy Hour at Sonic and then stopped to see if Mike the Tiger was roaming around. 

You can barely see Mike in this picture. He's under that arch napping. Logan was ready to swim when we got home.

So swim we did. Finally, I convinced him that we need to eat. I was starving. He wanted pizza so Dean & I brought him to eat pizza. Then it was home to watch Tom & Jerry & eat popcorn. He looks skinny but that kid can put away the food. 

Saturday morning he had to watch cartoons & drink some chocolate milk before we went to eat beignets. 

Coffee Call is our local beignet place. I love those things so much & so does Logan! The coffee of the week was vanilla hazelnut & it was some of the best coffee I've ever had. Even those it was 150 degrees we ate outside. There were fans & it wasn't bad at all. 

We went back to LSU to see if we could catch Mike awake.  

No luck. He'd changed spots but was still napping. Logan kept hollering at him to "wake up big fella". Off we went back to our house to get in the pool. We spent pretty much the entire day there. Scott & Lydia joined us for awhile too.

Sunday morning I had a 10 mi. run scheduled. I was by myself again but I'm used to it so it really doesn't bother me. The LSU lakes have become my favorite place lately. It's so pretty & peaceful. Especially at 6:00 am. It's very cool to run while watching the sunrise.  

I never get tired of this view. There are no filters on any of these pictures. 

Finished up 10 miles & went home to eat. 

I've been making protein pancakes with Flapjacked mix, topped with plain Greek yogurt, blueberries & sugar free syrup. Sometimes I use honey instead of syrup. It really hit the spot!

I spent some time in the pool cooling off & ran some errands. It's just amazing how fast the weekend goes by. 



  1. So fun that you do special stuff with Logan! I agree with you--weekends go by too quickly!

  2. Good for you on the running.. I am working on mine, but it's taking me a while. I hope to get up to 6 miles one day.