Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's Hump Day!!!

That Hump Day commercial still makes me laugh!

I have race pictures from my last race, The Louisiana Half. These pictures are not cute in the least but I did it & this is the proof!
This one was on the course. I think around mile 7 or 8. I like that the camera guys were on ladders in the road so you couldn't miss them & you could at least try to take a decent picture.
My sis-in-law Lydia crossing the finish line.
My brother Scott, killed time waiting for us to finish.I completely forgot to get my pic taken here where I could actually look somewhat normal & have my medal on. Oh well.
I never thought that we look alike or act alike at all but apparently we really are related because we basically had the same pose!
Me & my friend Allison call Scott the Wannabe Kenyan. He's so fast but he wants to be faster.

Today is my daddy's last day at work. He's retiring! I'm so jealous! HA!

I've successfully completed 3 days of the 28 Days of Fitness that Amy is hosting at A Balancing Act. It's tough! I needed to run yesterday evening but the weather was AWFUL so I did the workout instead! I was driving 20 mph on the way home from work & I couldn't see because of the monsoon like weather. We had 2 inches of rain in an hour at our house.

I need to get back into the routine of getting up & running or working out in the mornings. Between the ridiculous cold weather & Dean having stitches in his back that I had to tend to in the mornings it wasn't happening. BTW - I don't like playing Nurse. NOT FUN! I know the whole in sickness & health thing but I didn't know that meant wound care. What am I talking about you ask? Dean had a cyst removed in December, well in January it was determined that all of the cyst wasn't removed so more cutting & 2 more weeks of me playing nurse. Seriously, I'm not good with that type of thing. I get woozy & light headed & feel like I'll pass out. Longest 2 weeks ever!! So now things are back to normal & I need to start getting up earlier.

Also, burpees are the devil. Last nights workout wore me completely out. It was like my Yoglates days. It definitely showed me that as much as I'm running I need to do other workouts too. My friend Amanda said that burpees are like the most fat burning workout you can do or something so I try to remember that when I'm dying.

Does anyone watch New Girl? I never have but then I heard about Prince being on the episode after the Super Bowl. I really like Prince. Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, a man that loves the color purple, what's not to like?? Well, we watched it last night & it was really funny!

Speaking of musicians that I really like, my good friend Stephanie sent me a text this morning that Snoop is going to be at The Varsity (a local music venue) on Valentine's night. Let's see if I can round up anyone to go with me! I'm not getting my hopes up.

Monday was National Frozen Yogurt Day & Yogurtland was giving away free yogurt & toppings from 4-7. It was fill your cup as full as you wanted & it's free! Well, the temp was supposed to be a little warmer, I haven't had froyo in months & what's not to love about free?? I stopped on my way home. Well, stopped isn't the proper word. I pulled in the parking lot & saw the line OUTSIDE THE DOOR & continued driving home. I was sad. I may be crazy but it turns out that it wasn't that warm & no way was I standing in line OUTSIDE where it was 45 DEGREES for FROZEN yogurt. I didn't need an overflowing cup anyway.

So this has been one of the most random post ever.



  1. The New Girl is funny but I haven't gotten to watch it in a long time. We have them dvr'd but I never get the tv. :) Your race pics are great!

  2. You did it! Congrats, Traci! Great photos!...Christine

  3. I love the pictures with your hands up. I would love to be a runner - I am envious of your dedication to running and to fitness. I have been in a major slump lately. :-(
    You cannot believe all of the nursing I have been playing lately!! I need to blog about that.