Monday, February 3, 2014

Catching Up!

Thursday we went back to work after our 2 "snow" (really ice) days. It was sooooo cold. In the 20's when I left for work. Obviously, there would be no running that morning. I went when I got home from work. My plan was to go 4 miles. I don't know if it was the laying around doing nothing for 2 days or what but I felt really good so I kept running.
I could've gone 6 but I was starving. Have I mentioned how much I love my Garmin? It really is so awesome!
We still had ice by the porch.

Friday we ventured out of our normal routine & went to Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro for dinner with friends. The decision to go there was made solely on this
You don't get a great picture of it when you get it to go but it's King Cake Cheesecake & it's straight from Heaven. Seriously, it's amazing. It probably has about 2000 calories but I don't care. WORTH EVERY BITE!

My new running shoes came in & I picked them up Friday.
I wear Brooks Adrenaline's & I love them. I was very excited that they came in pink. I wear a narrow shoe & the narrow only comes in one color & for the last 3 years that color as been blue. I'm not a big fan of blue. I've tried on other shoes but these feel the best. YAY PINK!

I wanted to get in a long run Saturday because I'm running a 15K in a couple of weeks.
I went 7 mi. Thankfully, Dean was going to get his oil changed & he got up early so I did too because I was finishing my run as the sun was coming out & it was getting warm. Yes, it was 20 degrees Thursday but Saturday it was in the 70's. For those of you up north, that's what living in Louisiana is like.

Amy at A Balancing Act is hosting a 28 Days of Fitness.
I decided to jump on board. My workouts haven't been as regular as they were. Aside from running that is. I thought this would be a good way to get back in the routine. I did the workout after my run Saturday. Burpees after 7 mi. isn't a good idea. At least not for me. I thought I was going to die. Sunday was better. Burpees are the devil, no  2 ways about it but I managed to get 45 done - in increments of 10. Planking has never been my favorite either but I know it's an awesome core workout & having a strong core helps you run & keep from getting injured.

Dean & I went to Caliente for lunch Saturday & then after Mass Saturday night we went to the Chimes with a few other couples. It was nice to get to visit & have some good food. I even managed to keep my eating in check. For lunch I had some grilled shrimp & veggies & for dinner I had a veggie sandwich & sweet potato waffle fries. It was delicious!

Super Bowl Sunday was pretty much a bust. First time in years we didn't go anywhere to watch the game. None of our friends were doing anything & we were really just in the mood to stay home. It rained all day so of course I had a nap. The game was a snooze fest especially if you were like me & wanted the Bronco's to win. I love Pey Pey. Oh well. The commercials were lame too I thought. My favorites were the Doritos (I think the time machine is hilarious) & the one with Ellen. She cracks me up.  We watched a lot of pre game stuff which I enjoyed for the most part. I will say Fox needs to talk to Guiliana Rancic & get some tips on how to do a red carpet.

In case you didn't know today is National Frozen Yogurt Day so I'll be partaking in free yogurt at Yogurtland on my way home from work!



  1. I loved the Tim Tebow commercials! :) You are doing so great with your running!!

  2. King Cake Cheesecake .....sweet heavens.

  3. First of all what are burpees??? I never heard of them:) There is no way on God's green earth I could do ANY of that workout!!! You go girl. I wish SOOOOOOO much I had started exercising when I was younger so I would have it as part of my routine. I need to get back to it ASAP!!! Keep up the good, no GREAT work!!!!

  4. When you post the pictures of your watch on IG, I always like them because I am proud of you for running, however, I never understand what the numbers mean. Post a tutorial or a labeled pic for those of us who are runner wannabes! :-)