Thursday, January 23, 2014


The Louisiana Marathon posted some pictures on their FB page that I thought were cool looking so I'm sharing.

There was a little more daylight than this when I got down there Sunday morning.
The race started at the steps of the State Capital
This was along the route
The sunset was just a random picture I took yesterday while sitting in traffic. When I got home I did a 4 mi. run. I had tired legs & averaged an 11:07 min./mi  I've been told the quicker you get back out there the better. I've been doing a lot of stretching & foam rolling & I feel good.

Today I visited the boob Dr. for my 6 mo. check up. I had my 6 mo. ultrasound earlier in the week & my yearly mammogram. Oh what fun. In keeping with the last several years I have yet another "spot" to watch but the Dr. isn't concerned about it. I just have to see her again in 6 mos.

 Last January when I saw her she was telling me all about how she'd been training for her first marathon but had gotten injured & wasn't able to run it. She'd been running 5K's & Half's before that. I mentioned to her that I'd been running but didn't think I could do a Half. She assured me I could & encouraged me to train. I thought about it & a couple of days later is when I signed up for the Woman's Half Marathon. I saw my Dr. at the starting line of Woman's & she told me she was recovering from a knee issue but was feeling good. I didn't see her after that but she finished a couple of minutes before me. She's 10 years older than me so it just goes to show you that everyone is different & age doesn't necessarily mean you'll be fast or slow.

At today's appt. we talked about our races. She finished the full in 5:20, 20 minutes faster than her goal. She said she had friends with her the whole run & they chatted & it was great. She said she felt fine afterwards too. I can't imagine!

I'm sure some of you think I'm leading up to saying that I'm going to run a full. You'd be wrong. Ha! I have no desire. I'm so incredibly proud of myself for training for a 5K & completing the first one & continuing on & completing the half's. I've never been an athlete (I don't consider myself one now either), I tend to not follow through with grandiose plans either! So all of this is a really big deal to me. I'm not fast by any means & I'm not the slowest one out there but that's ok. Some days I feel like crap & don't think I'll be able to make it to 2 miles. Some days I feel good. All this to say if you've thought about training but haven't pulled the trigger - DO IT! You'll be glad you did.




  1. Neat pictures to remember this day by. You did so well. How long is a full marathon?

    You remind me that I need to make my gynie appt. Thanks.


  2. So true. That's how I feel too. Definitely not fast, but not the last one on the course. I'm not an athlete, either. It's all about training, and the commitment and working to better yourself and beat no one but yourself! :)

  3. You are doing so great, Traci! I think it's wonderful that you are doing the races you want to and not feeling pressured to do more than you want to.