Thursday, January 9, 2014


I think this is more evidence that I have ADD. I haven't posted in a week. Did I mention that I googled the symptoms of Adult ADD? Let's just say that A LOT of them apply to me. Dean thinks I'm crazy. Sometimes I wonder if he realized what he was getting into when he proposed.

So we had a low key weekend which was nice. Friday night was dinner out as usual. Only we switched it up a bit & didn't go to Caliente! We went to the Chimes. LOVE that place but it's on LSU's campus & it's popular so normally when school is in session there's a crazy wait. We took advantage of school being out.

Saturday morning this happened
I wasn't sure I'd be able to do 10. I only had one run last week because of rain. I was scared because my longest run since the half was an 8 miler. It wasn't awful so I was relieved. I'm doing another half in 10 days so I have my last long run Sunday.

Saturday night a group of us went to Caliente to watch the Saints game. They won but it came down to the bitter end.

Sunday we just hung around the house. It was rainy & a cold front was coming. When I say cold I actually mean cold, not just 50 degrees like I normally whine about.
This was on my way to work Tuesday. At one point it was 19. This is Louisiana, it's NEVER supposed to be that cold & if by chance it is it needs to be snowing so that nobody would have to go anywhere. I was so bundled up that if I would've fallen down I'm not sure I would've gotten myself up. I kept my puffy vest on all day. I swear that's the best $25 I've ever spent.

I decided to run Tuesday afternoon. With the race being so close I must get all of my runs in. Must must must! Tuesday afternoon was going to be better than Monday afternoon. It would be in the mid 30s. I draw the line at running in 20 degree weather. I may be crazy but I'm not that crazy. Unless of course it's a race that I've already trained & paid for. Soooo, I ran.

It was cold. I wore a heavier jacket than I normally do for cold runs & I never took it off. Usually, by the first mile the jacket comes off. My face felt like it was frozen when I finished.
I don't know if you can tell but it was 34 when I finished. I thought that I'd ran in those temps before but I've never been that cold so maybe not.

This morning was much "warmer" but I decided that I'd have another evening run because even though it's warmer it's still cold & I've been so cold this week I'm giving myself a break.

I've decided that January is my least favorite month. Cold, holiday hangover, boredom, Christmas bills, etc. don't make it a very happy month. I just feel blah & like nothing's going on. Anyone else share these feelings??


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  1. It has been the same kind of weather here! Except yesterday was the first day we saw above the 20's since Sunday night! CRAZY! I don't enjoy the freezing cold very much, so yay to you for running anyway!! January does feel a little blah, but we have Cohen's birthday to spice it up a bit. His birthday is 1/1/, but we are having his party this weekend so it is stretching out half a month. ;)